4 Super Foods For A Complete Detox

4 Super Foods For A Complete Detox

The connection between the body and the mind is truly very powerful, with the way your body feels playing a big part in how your brain functions and whether or not you are feeling well. Freeing yourself of toxins, free radicals, and other nasty things that can end up in our insides is essentially to maintaining a healthy life. With many of these detox foods, the road to purification goes through the liver, and getting it to full capacity can have long-lasting benefits for the body.


Artichokes help the liver function at its best, which in turn will help your body purge itself of toxins and other things it doesn’t need to survive. It ups the liver’s production of bile, and since bile helps break down foods which helps your body use the nutrients inside them, an increase in bile production is typically a good thing.

Aside from all of the benefits to your liver, it’s also filled with fiber, protein, magnesium, folate, and potassium. It’s simply a good food to add to your diet in order to stay regular, stay healthy, and keep your liver happily doing its job.


Not only does it detoxify the body, it can help you wage the anti-aging battle, protect you from getting cancer, help your heart to stay healthy, and is a general anti-inflammatory food.

It’s also known to help with liver drainage, which might sound like a bad thing, but since the liver is responsible for filtering out the toxic materials in the food and drinks we consume, anything that backs up its drainage is not doing you any favors.

Stop Your Sugar Cravings and Burn Calories with This DIY Peppermint Oil

Stop Your Sugar Cravings and Burn Calories with This DIY Peppermint Oil

You might have sugar addiction without even knowing. This is because refined sugar is very addictive, and it’s included in almost every processed food you consume. Even scientists have proven that sugar can affect our brain and create addiction just like drugs.

Just like any other addiction, this “sweet” addiction is hard to break. This applies especially to people whose digestive tract and overall body is overwhelmed with yeast, parasites, candida, and sugar-loving bacteria.

The first thing to do to break this habit and stop your sugar cravings is a body detox.

Luckily, researchers claim that using a peppermint essential oil can help you break your unhealthy sugar addiction.

Alan Hirsch MD conducted a study which proved that inhaling peppermint affects the satiety center in the ventromedial nuclei located in the hypothalamus. In other words, inhaling this oil will help you stay full for longer, thus stopping your food and sugar cravings.

Peppermint Essential Oil Therapeutic Benefits
Peppermint is native to Europe and the Middle East but grown in many other regions around the Planet. It’s a hybrid mint, a cross between spearmint and watermint. There’s a good reason why peppermint essential oil is one of the most popular oils in the world.

It offers many therapeutic benefits, like relieving irritable bowel syndrome and ingestion, reducing tuberculosis-induced inflammation, removing phlegm, and treating nervous disorders. Moreover, it prevents asthma, manages stress, and reduces herpes infections.

How to Make Peppermint Oil

What You Need
  • A glass jar with a tight lid
  • Fresh peppermint leaves (available in supermarkets and health food stores)
  • Olive oil or other carrier oil
Chop or crush the peppermint leaves after washing them well. Place them in the jar and add olive oil. Seal and let it stay for 24 hours. After this period, strain the mixture and add more of the ingredients. Seal the jar and let it stay for another 24 hours.

Do this procedure for five days, and then strain the mixture. Transfer the oil into a clean container and store it in a cool place.

How to Use It
You can diffuse or inhale the oil whenever you feel sugar craving. Also, you can combine few drops of it with 2-3 drops of carrier oil such as coconut oil, and rub it on your temples, wrists, feet, or abdomen.

Other Uses of Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Relieves gas and bloating
  • Relieves headaches
  • Supports proper respiratory function
  • Used in many oral health products
  • Supports digestive health
  • Relieves upset stomach – add several drops in a Veggie Capsule
  • Boosts energy and reduces fatigue – just diffuse some of the oil or rub on temples in the morning
  • Keep your breath fresh – put a drop of the oil in your mouth
  • You can add several drops to your regular smoothie. You’ll get a nice refreshing and cooling twist

5 Ways You May Be More Vulnerable to Cavities

Brushing your teeth regularly, flossing and scheduling regular dental checkups are all excellent measures to help prevent cavities. But sometimes your diligence may not be enough. The following are reasons why you may be more vulnerable to cavities than those who fail to keep up with their oral hygiene.

Abnormal Amounts of Bacteria
Blueberries, nuts, salmon, avocados, broccoli, celery and dark chocolate are all important foods that can boost your brain health. Although these food choices are ideal for helping your body run smoothly, each time you eat, billions of particles of bacteria are left behind. Brushing twice a day can help rid your mouth of the germs that form cavities. But sometimes the acid can still eat away at your enamel no matter how often you clean. Your defense to a cavity-free mouth includes regular visits to the dentist for cleanings and examinations.

There are a number of factors that contribute to tooth decay. The consumption of sugar is a primary reason. Cavities don’t survive in the mouth without sugar. Bacteria loves to feast on the sweet sucrose and multiply. Whether it’s between your teeth, on a prior filling or in cracks or crevices, tooth decay will feed off of candy, gum, cookies, cakes and other sugary treats. You can reduce your cavity risk by practicing preventative dental care. Comprehensive exams screen for tooth decay. Your dentist will also be able to assess your periodontal health and personal smile necessities. If problems exist such as cavities, a broken tooth or yellow teeth, get them repaired immediately to avoid future issues.

A tooth’s anatomy varies significantly. While some may have easy to clean spaces in their mouth, others may have a deep resting space where bacteria forms. The large crevices are also the ideal space for bacteria to hide and make it easier for cavities to form. Other issues such as enamel missing around areas of the tooth could create pockets for bacteria to remain hidden until a cavity forms. Microdontia is a genetic abnormality where the teeth are smaller than normal. Because of their size, cleaning is extremely difficult. If you’re at a disadvantage, you can ask your dentist about a sealant that will provide a layer of protection to the areas in question. You could also schedule more frequent dental checkups to catch problems at their early stages.

Eating Disorders
Individuals with eating disorders typically fail to get the right nutrients in their body. This unbalanced diet can be a contributing factor to cavities and tooth decay. Also, binging and purging through bulimia also causes significant amounts of acid to cover the teeth. As the enamel is worn away from the tooth, it becomes exposed and makes it extremely susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Seeking assistance for your eating disorder can rectify the situation. You could also mention your issues to your dentist, so they can be extra diligent during your examinations.

Medication and Cancer Treatment
Taking medications for issues such as high blood pressure, urinary incontinence, depression, allergies and infections are necessary to treat the problem. But they can also cause the mouth to feel parched and dry. Because of the antiadrenergic effects, the medications may block the way your glands form saliva. Individuals undergoing chemotherapy and radiation may also experience a reduction in the flow of saliva and increased cavity risk. Chewing sugar-free gum and hard sugar-less candies can up your saliva flow. You may also want to ditch your caffeine habit in favor of drinking more water throughout the day. If you take medication, you could also ask your doctor if there are prescriptive options.

Some people may have teeth that are more prone to cavities than others no matter how often they brush or floss. Other times, there are contributing factors that causes tooth decay to occur. Seeing your dentist regularly helps rectify the problem, so you can have a smile to be proud of.

How to Treat Hiatal Hernia With Simple Home Remedies

If you are reading this article then you are looking for treatments and remedies for Hiatal hernia. But to know about and understand the remedies of the problem you will first have to understand what is Hiatal hernia, its types and causes and symptoms.

Let us first start with what is Hiatal hernia?
Hiatal hernia is a common health condition mostly found in the elder people above the age of 50. Almost more than 60% of the people above this age group severely suffer due to this condition. This condition can also be seen in younger public but not as severe.

The cause of this condition is the protruding of the stomach into the thorax through a vent or weakness in the diaphragm. This can happen due to various reasons like:
  • Lifestyle: Hiatus Hernia is observed in a person who has weak muscle that cannot handle strain. Hence the hernia depends on the lifestyle followed by the person. An unbalanced lifestyle plays havoc with the pH level in the body which results in weakening of the organs and resulting further strain. When he lowered pH level combines with acidity it gives birth to Hiatal hernia.
  • Pressure on the stomach: Another cause of Hiatal hernia can be excessive pressure applied on the muscles around the stomach. This could happen due to various reasons like excessive coughing, hard bowel movements, excessive vomits, pressure during pregnancy or labour etc
  • By birth: This condition is also seen among a few people right from their birth where they are born with an abnormally large hiatus.

Other causes of hiatal hernia include obesity, stress, not enough rest, smoking, wrong sitting posture intake of drugs etc.

Let us look at the types of Hiatal hernia:

Hiatal hernias are of two types:

Sliding Hiatal hernia
Fixed hiatal hernia.
Sliding hiatal hernia:

According to statistics, this type of hiatal hernia is the most common and non-permanent form of hernia where 95% of the people suffering from hiatal hernia show symptoms of sliding hernia. This condition is seen when the stomach and part of the esophagus slides above the diaphragm. This sliding effect is experienced when the area of the stomach falls under pressure which makes it slide through the diaphragm and above. Once the pressure is relieved, the stomach falls back to its original place giving respite to the person from its symptoms.

Symptoms of sliding hiatal hernia:
Usually sliding hiatal hernia goes unnoticed by the person suffering from this condition with just a feeling of discomfort or at the most acidity.

Now let us go through second type which is the fixed hiatal hernia:
The people suffering from fixed hiatal hernia make up the rest of the 5% from the total people suffering from this condition. The prominent cause of this condition is of part of the stomach remains in a fixed position in the chest cavity by making its way through the diaphragm.

Symptoms of fixed hiatal hernia
Although it is rare to feel the symptoms of fixed hiatal hernia but some of the following symptoms are felt by people with a severe condition:
  • Acid reflux
  • Pressure in the chest to the extent of experiencing pain
  • Finding it difficulty in swallowing anything, even water
  • Consistent hiccups and belching
  • Stomach strangulation in the chest area resulting in severe pain and needing immediate hospitalization.
Now that you know the condition which is called the hiatal hernia along with its types and causes as well as its symptoms, let us now look into the hiatal hernia treatment and home remedies that are hyper effective to reduce this condition:

If you are planning to visit an allopathic doctor I would strongly suggest you avoid doing so. The doctors would prescribe medications like omeprazole and esmeprazole which are medications just meant to provide reliefs from the symptoms like acidity and heartburn and does not provide a cure for this condition. For hiatal hernia treatment there are some home remedies recommended which not only gives reprieve from the symptoms but some of them actually solve the hiatal hernia condition.

What are the best solutions?
  • Avoiding food that trigger he symptoms of acidity and heartburn like spices, chocolate, onions, and citric fruits.
  • Although spices are a complete no-no for a person suffering from hiatal hernia but cinnamon is an exception to the rule. This spice improves digestion of the person suffering and hence prevents acidity and heartburns although the intake of the spice should be moderate at best.
  • Exercising to reduce weight: obesity is a major cause of hiatal hernia which can be rectified with enough and regulated exercise as well as following a proper diet plan.
  • Mixing a raw apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and sipping in between meals goes a long way in finding relief from the symptoms
  • Drinking slippery elm tea I highly beneficial for a person suffering from this condition as it repairs the mucus membrane of the esophagus with a protective coat. It also creates excess mucus if the person is suffering from high acidity.
  • Drinking a cup of Chamomile tea four times a day decreases inflammation to a larger extent
  • While sleeping elevate the upper body with the help of an acid reflux wedge pillow to relieve discomfort.
Instead of turning towards medication and surgeries try the above easy remedies for treating Hiatal hernia. I am sure you will be happy with the results.

Clean The Body In 24 Hours, Discard The Uncooked Food And Toxins In Record Time

Dip a teaspoon of flax seed in a deciliter of lukewarm water. Leave flax bulge an hour, and then eat this mixture  before sleeping, drink water . It is very important for the teeth.

The linen is commodity that is able to completely clean your intestines. Treat those lazy bowel and constipation  problem. Flax provides the body with fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Omega-3 fatty acids are present in the nucleus of flax and therefore the shell must be penetrated in order for you to use (meaning that the seeds should be well chewed them).

Apple cider vinegar
As soon as you wake up, drink a glass of water where you add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Then eat a teaspoon of honey, then drink another glass of water.

The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar prevents the departure of hydrochloric acid from the stomach. So the food is easily digested without the occurrence of reflux, bloating and gas, and also treat constipation and diarrhea. Studies prove that the apple vinegar balances the appetite, increases the feeling of satiety and reduces the desire for additional food. Vinegar makes the diet less stressful, because it also give energy and clean the body.

In a jug or bottle water (about 1.5 liters) add the juice of one lemon and drink this water throughout the day.

Almost nothing that lemon can not fix, improve and heal. This precious gift of nature contains citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, lemons   improve immunity and fight infections .

Green tea
Today do not drink coffee, but instead cook your favorite drink green tea and drink it twice during the day. It acts as an antioxidant and reduces inflammation, preventing the accumulation of fat in the central laboratory of the body – in the liver. If you want to clear the body of toxins, start your day by drinking green tea.

How To Use Vicks Vaporub To Get Rid Of Accumulated Belly Fat And Cellulite, Eliminate Stretch Marks And Have Firmer Skin

We all know the uses of Vicks VapoRub,but in this article we present to you some uses of Vicks VapoRub that maybe you don’t know

Sinus Headaches
This is a trick you must do immediately if you are suffering from sinus headaches. Apply Vicks under your nose and take a deep breath. Vicks contains menthol and it will help you calm your headache

You can now successfully keep mosquitoes away by applying a little bit of Vicks VapoRub on your skin and clothes.

Fast healing of cuts and splinters
Apply Vicks on your cuts and splinters to accelerate the healing process and prevent infections.

No More Bruises
If you combine a pinch of salt in Vicks VapoRub and apply it on a fresh bruise, it will help you get rid of it quickly.

If your muscles are sore, massage them using Vicks VapoRub, and then cover the area with a warm and dry towel. Raise your sore limb or lie down until the pain alleviates. Repeat this process three times a day.

Applying some Vicks VapoRub onto your heels and putting on socks afterwards before you go to sleep will help you a lot if you want to have healthy and smooth feet. You just need to do this every evening and wash your feet with warm water the following morning, then exfoliatethe softened skin using pumice stone, and that’s it.

Eczema treatment
Applying VapoRub on the affected area will get rid of the inflammation and itching caused by this skin condition.

Tennis Elbow
Apply Vicks and the menthol and camphor it contains will help you to ease your pain. Rub again until the ache stops.

Athlete’s feet
In order to relieve the infection, put VapoRub on the affected areas a couple times a day.

Removes warts
Apply VapoRub on the warts twice a day and cover the area with a gauze or sock – this will remove the warts in only a couple of days.

Eases acne
Did you know that VapoRub can clean the acne from your skin? Just apply some of it on the affected area a couple of times a day and it will dry them out quickly.

The Natural Cure For Hemorrhoids! Heal Yourself With A Natural Treatment!

The Natural Cure For Hemorrhoids! Heal Yourself With A Natural Treatment!

The application of apple cider vinegar to the hemorrhoid is absorbed in your body, just as if you drank some

The drug can be used in internal and external hemorrhoids, including when hemorrhoids bleed. This will quickly stop the bleeding.

Soak a cotton ball in apple vinegar, dilute of necklace and apply it to the external hemorrhoids and hold for about 30 minutes. When you remove the swab, hemorrhoids should already declined.

Repeat this medication daily if necessary.

Frozen apple cider vinegar is ideal for internal hemorrhoids, all you need is to make it frozen like a bullet and so the frozen apple cider vinegar push it into his anus like a suppository.

The drug works for 24 hours.

It is essential that these three days you eat Soft Foods.


Miraculous Drink For Thyroid Gland

Miraculous Drink For Thyroid Gland

Losing weight can be quite difficult and quick weight-loss plans do not work as promised. We present you an amazing recipe that will help you not only to get rid of the excess weight,but also will help to people who have problems with the thyroid gland.It is easy to make and is recommended even by the doctors.

40 young green walnuts
One jar of organic honey
A glass jar

Wash the walnuts and prick then with a needle a few times. Than put the walnuts in the jar, pour the honey over them and keep it on a sunny place.Filter the liquid and pour in a glass bottle after 40 days.

Drink this mixture every morning on an empty stomach. You should drink one small glass of 0, 05 dl. Repeat the treatment if have a problem with the thyroid again.

In order to improve the thyroid gland function you should also consume products rich in iodine and iodine supplements,because the thyroid gland needs at least 200 mg of iodine daily.

Clean Blood Vessels, Kidneys And Liver, And Prevent The Brain And Heart Attack With This Natural Remedies

In this article, we present an efficient natural and very simple recipe of ingredients that are available in your area. The recipe has spread to different variations of the Internet and developed by the Bulgarian professor and nutritionist Christ Mermerskog. Once created recipe is ideal for cleaning blood vessels, healthy heart, liver, kidney, gastrointestinal, and immune systems in particular.

The recipe is good for the prevention and treatment of post-infarction and stroke. Food ingredients and improve brain function and memory, and restore the strength and energy of people who are suffering from serious illness or are recovering from The surgery. Recipes are prescribed and recommended by the author and as a medicine for the treatment of cancer and its prevention.

These latest allegations take with a grain of salt but it is certainly no doubt that the ingredients contained in it can contribute to the prevention of some cancers. This herbal remedy is made as follows:

– 400 gr sprouted wheat

– 15 fresh (preferably unsprayed) lemon

– 12 whole bulb of fresh garlic

– 1 kg of honey

– 400 g of fresh walnut kernel

When you make wheat germ length of a few millimeters to 1 centimeter need to grind them together with nuts and peeled garlic. Grind 5 lemons with the rind and mix all together. Of the remaining lemon (the remaining 10 pieces) only wring juice and mix the rest of the mass. Add honey and longer mix until homogeneous. The mixture pour into glass jars and leave in the fridge. After 3 days of idle mixture is ready for consumption.

As a remedy for general health and strength and cleansing the body is taken 1-2 tablespoons 30 minutes before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner and before bedtime. Consume the mixture until all are exhausted. The dose for the prevention of these disease are used annually. There is no doubt that you will use this mixture to fix the general state of health and energy.

The recipe says that as the prevention  of cancer takes the ratio every 2 hours one spoon until everything you spend. You can then repeat the process of creating a new fresh dose in the same proportion.

Ingredients that means you have a lot of energy, a strong immune system, you can get large amounts of essential vitamins and total cleansing.

1 Cup a Day Melts 1cm of Stomach Fat Away

1 Cup a Day Melts 1cm of Stomach Fat Away

This is an amazing weight-loss recipe which can reduce an inch of excess belly fat a day. It not only burns abdominal fat and eliminates excess water from the body, but it is also extremely beneficial for your brain function, memory, hearing and eyesight.

It is especially effective when combined with cardio exercises and regular training.

  • 125g horseradish
  • 4 lemons
  • 2cm fresh ginger
  • 3 tablespoons of honey
  • 2 tablespoons of cinnamon
  • Using a food processor, blend the horseradish and ginger well.
  • Squeeze the lemons and add the juice to the horseradish and ginger.
  • Mix for another 3 minutes.
  • Add the cinnamon and honey and mix until you get syrup.
  • Store the mixture in a glass jar.
  • Take 1 teaspoon twice a day, before meals or training.
  • Consume the syrup for 3 weeks.

Why is horseradish good for the health?
Horseradish eliminates the bacteria causing dysentery, salmonella, tuberculosis and many parasites in the human body. It improves the digestive function in your body by stimulating secretion of stomach and intestinal juices and pancreatic enzymes. This root vegetable is extremely beneficial for the liver, heart and circulation; plus, it’s a great diuretic and helps against rheumatism.

Furthermore, it helps in treatment of flu, respiratory disorders, tonsillitis or urinary tract infections. Apart from cleansing your body, horseradish also improves your metabolism, reduces fatigue and stimulates the proliferation of beneficial gut bacteria.

This vegetable is low in calories and fat, but high in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Horseradish packs some of the essential minerals including sodium, potassium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, and magnesium. It has anti-inflammatory, diuretic and nerve soothing properties.

Moreover, it’s abundant in vitamin C, which boosts your immune system and fights viral infections. Plus, it eliminates harmful free-radicals from the body thus protecting it from cancer, inflammation, and infections.

Why is ginger health beneficial?

Similarly to horseradish, ginger is abundant in nutrients and bioactive compounds which account for its beneficial effects on your body and brain.

Most of ginger’s medicinal properties, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, come from its active ingredient, gingerol.

This spice is highly beneficial for relieving nausea and vomiting after surgery and undergoing chemotherapy. It is especially effective in treating morning sickness during pregnancy.