Cold, Cough, Flu: Ginger Recipes To Solve Common Sickness

Whether your nose is congested or you have an upset stomach, ginger can help alleviate these symptoms. If you do not want to chew on ginger root, then here are your options.

Sooner or later, it will be a time for common sickness again. Although cold, cough, and flu are common regardless of age and gender, you should prepare well enough on how you can cope with such illnesses.

Pharmaceutical options can be of help, but you might try first the natural remedies because of its affordability and efficiency.

Ginger is one of the natural remedies used to treat common illnesses. Whether your nose is congested or you have an upset stomach, ginger can help alleviate these symptoms. If you do not want to chew on ginger root, then here are your options.

Lemon, Ginger, and Honey in a Jar
You can enjoy your treatment of the perfect lemon, ginger, and honey combination. This recipe is taken from Simple Green Smoothies.

Prepare the following:
  • 2 lemons
  • 2 piece of fresh ginger (size of your pointer and middle finger).
  • Raw honey.
  • 12 oz mason jar.
How you do it.

1. Thoroughly clean the lemons and ginger.
2. Slice the lemons and ginger.
3. Alternately place lemon and ginger slices in the mason jar.
4. Pour honey until it sink down to the bottom of the jar. Afterwards, seal it tightly.
5. Store the mixture in the refrigerator. The mixture is good for consumption for one month.

When to take.
Upon the first signs and symptoms of common illnesses, simply scoop 2 to 3 tablespoons of the mixture. Fill the mug with hot water and let it seep for 3 to 4 minutes. Afterwards, you are ready to sip on this natural remedy.

Ginger Tea.
The Ginger Tea is one simple remedy that you can make in just a few minutes. Here is the recipe taken from Top 10 Home Remedies.

Prepare the following:.
  • Fresh ginger.
  • 1 cup of water.
  • Lemon juice (optional).
  • Honey (optional).
How you do it.
  1. Clean the ginger thoroughly.
  2. Cut it into small slices. Crush the ginger slightly.
  3. Let the crushed ginger boil in a cup of water.
  4. Once it is done, you can add lemon or honey if you like.
When to take.
To be relieved from congestion and coughing, you can take the Ginger Tea three to four times a day.

Get Well!
Indeed ginger is an effective remedy for common sickness. When combined with other natural remedies such as honey and lemon, convalescent period will not be too tough.

Add 1 Teaspoon Of This Mixture To Your Coffee For Faster Weight Loss

A cup of fresh coffee is the most eagerly in the morning. Caffeine triggers the human metabolism and the use of caffeine would be beneficial for heart health and immunity to disease.

If you want to lose your weight then you can add a few ingredients into your coffee. By doing this you can burn more calories and dissolve fatty deposits in your body. You only need honey, coconut oil and cinnamon.

Cinnamon is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents that minimize the risk of inflammation. This ingredient also controls blood sugar levels, the important thing in any weight loss process. Basically, there are two types of cinnamon; Ceylon and Cassia. Ceylon is the most popular one.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is rich in healthy fats! This oil contains medium chain fatty acids in significant quantities. Medium chain fatty acids will be sent directly to the liver and gastrointestinal tract as a producer of energy, rather than stored as fat piles. Coconut oil is the auxiliary agents in the fat burning process.

Honey contains a variety of nutrients, such as phosphorus, zinc, potassium, calcium, and sodium. All these substances help balance the digestive process to nutrients and sugars. Honey is also a source of vitamins, especially B6 and C. Various studies have proven the efficacy of honey as raising levels of good cholesterol and lowering levels of stress on the heart.


1 tsp of cinnamon
Half cup of raw honey
1 cup of coconut oil

How to prepare:
Combine all ingredients and stir until evenly mixed. Store herbs in the refrigerator.

Each morning, add 2 teaspoons of the herb into your hot coffee. Stir, drink, and you will increase your fat burning!

Recipe Written In The Bible: This Powerful And 3,500 Years Old Remedy Cures All Diseases


Olive trees have been cultivated since ancient time and used as both food and medicine due to their great healing properties. These healing properties can heal many different diseases such as: pneumonia, hepatitis B, herpes, gonorrhea, influenza, meningitis, tuberculosis and many others. This is due to a compound called oleuropein.

The leaves from an olive tree can also be used after a surgery to prevent different kind of infections and bacteria. And that is due to the oleuropein potent antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties.

The remedy mentioned above is actually a tea.

15-20 Olive leaves (the leaves need to be collected in spring time and dried)
2-3 DL of boiling water.

How to prepare it:
Add the olive leaves in the boiling water and cook them for around 10 minutes. Afterwards just take the leaves out and let the tea to cool down for at least 15 minutes. You can add honey or lemon to improve the taste of the tea. This tea can do wonders for your health and it should be consumed for a few weeks in order to be effective.

Apple Seeds And Cancer: What The Government Has Been Hiding From You For Years

You may be too scared to try apple or apricot seeds, bitter almonds or cherry pits. It’s the cyanide content that freaks you out, right? But, the latest research will change your mind for good. Well, “latest” may not be the right word, because this theory has been here since the 1950s.

Cyanide is deadly, but not in the way it’s used in the treatment of cancer. Convincing others that cyanide will only kill you is a simple act of ignorance. It would take too many seeds before the cyanide contained in them kills you.

As they say, “ignorance is your worst enemy.” This fear has kept people away from the secret for too long. Apple/apricot seeds or bitter almonds won’t kill you. Have you ever heard of amygdalin?

Amygdalin has two glucose molecules, and one molecule of cyanide and benzaldehyde each. If this sounds too scary for you, maybe you’ll be relieved to know that cyanide and benzaldehyde only target cancer cells. It’s part of their metabolic activities. Otherwise, the compounds remains whole and passes through the gastrointestinal tract. Cancer cells feed on sugar.

So, cancer cells focus on amygdalin for its glucose. You already guess what happens next. Once cancer cells try to metabolize amygdalin, they “bite into” cyanide and benzaldehyde. The sugar molecules are the bait.

Beta-glucosidase, an enzyme in cancer cells, unlocks the amygdalin compound, and release the deadly molecules. Normal cells can’t metabolize amygdalin.

They contain rhodanese, an enzyme that binds to free cyanide molecules and creates cyanates. These are eliminated through the urine.

Next time someone tells you that apricot kernel seeds are toxic, teach them a science lesson.

Why is everyone so mysterious and “scared” about the use of amygdalin in the treatment of cancer? Laetrile, or B17, is a concentrated extract from apricot kernels, and it kills cancer. That’s what everyone is trying to hide.

Dr. Ernst Krebb developed laetrile in 1952. He liquefied and purified amygdalin from apricot seeds with the main goal to inject it into cancer patients.

He received his laetrile shot, too. Dr. John Richardson confirmed the efficacy of laetrile, and he cured several cancer patients using laetrile.

Laetrile was banned from use in 1971.

Edward Griffin, an investigative journalist, wrote the book A World Without Cancer which explains the real power of amygdalin and laetrile.
Of course, a few apricot kernels won’t cure cancer. The entire treatment lasts for a few months, and cancer patients should eat a dozen of these seeds.

How To Save A Person From Stroke Using Only A Needle?

The alternative method of saving a human life during a stroke is a method of a Chinese professor. He says that you should always keep a needle in your pocket.

When someone gets a stroke, the capillaries of the brain stretch. You need rest and an ambulance. These suggestions and tip will help you save someone’s life!

Stay calm! Don’t move the victim, because if you do that, the capillaries can burst and there will be bleeding in the brain! It would be perfect if you have a needle at home.

1.Hold the needle – over a candle, fire or a lighter to sterilize and then use it for picking the tops of the fingers.

2.No specific acupuncture is necessary; it should be a few millimeters from the nail.

3.Do this so that the blood can flow.

4.Start squeezing the blood to flow.

5.Do this on all 10 fingers and wait a few minutes – the victim will be back to life!

6.Massage their ears, so blood can come to them – if the victim’s mouth is distorted.

Wait until the victim comes to normal state without any abnormal symptoms, then send to the hospital. This method of a traditional Chinese medicine  is 100% effective.

Lemon With Garlic Mixture: The Most Powerful Mix For Cleaning Any Heart Blockages

Lemon and garlic are among the healthiest foods that we can eat because they contain numerous nutrients and have unbelievable advantages for our general health.

When combined they are obviously much stronger. They provide many different opportunities as one natural medicine, and efficiently help in boosting the blood circulation, improving the arteries, and reducing high levels of cholesterol.

With the accumulation of the LDL cholesterol in your arteries, the risk of heart attacks and various heart diseases will grow bigger.

Many people usually try different medicines that the pharmaceutical industries offer for reducing cholesterol and for prevention of heart issues. However, those solutions are mostly chemical and are not effective.

Contrary, you might protect from these problems and treat them naturally by trying this recipe.

Ingredients that you need:

2 cups of fresh lemon juice
1 cup of ginger juice
1 cup of garlic juice
1 cup of apple cider vinegar

Instructions for the preparation:
Put all the ingredients in a pot and boil them for one and a half hour. Leave it to cool down and add 3 cups of organic honey. Afterward, add two garlic cloves and two lemons (in pieces) and a bit of water in the blenderand blend it.

Then, add the mixture of blended ingredients into the boiled mixture. Mix everything well. Store the remedy in some glass jar in the fridge. Consume 1 tablespoon every day on an empty stomach.

When it boils, leave it for about 5 minutes more, and then remove it from the heat. You need to store it in glass jars in the fridge. Consume 50ml of the remedy each day for 3 weeks.

Then, make a week break and repeat for another 3 weeks. You need to do this treatment twice a year.

2-Ingredient Mixture to Effectively Eliminate Earwax and Ear Infections

2-Ingredient Mixture to Effectively Eliminate Earwax and Ear Infections

It turns out Q-tips are not useful in the case of earwax accumulation. Since they don’t remove the wax out of the ear drums.

So, we need to find a safe and efficient way to eliminate earwax. Namely, there are many cleaning ear products that you can buy in pharmacies and markets.

However, we recommend you this natural alternative with even better effects instead. This natural remedy has shown its benefits to a number of people. Therefore we also recommend it as a quick way to remove an earache or your ear infection.

It contains rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. It has been found that rubbing alcohol is able to eliminate even 85% of aerobic bacteria, meaning that it is an amazing cleaner and disinfectant. While white vinegar can efficiently treat infections due to its powerful antimicrobial and antibiotic properties.

When you apply the combination of these two ingredients to the ear, you can treat the infection, dissolve the ear wax and keep your ear canals dry in a completely painless way.

This is how to prepare and use this homemade recipe:
Mix rubbing alcohol and white vinegar in 1:1 ratio. Next, pour a teaspoon of the fluid into your ear and tilt your head to the opposite side. Remain this position for about one minute and then sit back up in order to let the mixture to drain from the ear. Repeat this method with your other ear.

In order to prevent or treat ear infections, and to clean your ears from earwax and trapped water, you should repeat this method two times a day.

However, keep in mind that this treatment should be used only in cases of mild to moderate wax buildup or ear infection. So, if your condition is more complicated, you need to consult your doctor.

Furthermore, you should also visit your doctor in case you do not feel any improvements after using this mixture for a few days. Also, you should take a pain relief in the case of a perforated eardrum.

How To Use Minced Garlic To Get Your Eyesight Back Without Surgery Or Glasses!

Your eyesight deteriorates with age. studies have shown that AMD (or age-related macular degeneration) is a condition that most Caucasian girls have in their Fifties.

Beside age, there are many more reasons of eyesight loss, like the choice of life-style that can either improve or damage your eyesight.

If you are tormented by macular degeneration, here are a few wholesome lifestyle alternatives that will let you save you the situation via without difficulty incorporating some positive ingredients to your regular food plan.

Decreasing ldl cholesterol

A research from the Harvard medical school has implied that decreasing the extent of ldl cholesterol can make contributions to stopping the risk of advancing macular degeneration. Age-related macular degeneration means that under the retina there may be an accumulation of fats deposit.

That is the reason why blurriness or blindness occur in the awareness of your imaginative and prescient. Inside the Harvard examine, excessive dosage of Lipitor, a medicine which decreases the levels of cholesterol, become given to 23 subjects with ARMD.

The fat deposits withdrew and the vision readability advanced in ten of the topics of the have a look at.

Garlic has an critical position in reducing ldl cholesterol.
The Annals of internal medicinal drug suggested that consuming best 1/2 a clove of garlic an afternoon can notably decrease cholesterol levels. The substances that the garlic incorporates can help avert ldl cholesterol synthesis.

Decreasing blood strain
Blood pressure is also in large part related with age-associated sight degeneration. High blood strain limits the blood go with the flow, which seriously damages the characteristic of the retina.

Delivery of first-rate amount of oxygen wishes to be introduced to the retina, when you consider that oxygen is critical for the retina to characteristic well. This isn’t always viable if there isn’t always sufficient blood reserve that consists of the oxygen to the retina, and the end result is susceptible eyesight.

As pronounced by the Cochrane Database of Systematic critiques, analyses indicated that garlic is really beneficial with regards to reducing systolic blood pressure.

The studies show that garlic is a natural medication which can prevent ARMD. you may overwhelm it or press it, for the reason that garlic on this form releases its effective substances that improve your eyesight. It’s miles fee powerful, and smooth to use it in a types of ways in your food regimen. Garlic is a natural medication, so you can be positive that side consequences will hardly ever arise, in contrast to the drugs sold within the stores. Begin ingesting garlic more often, and you’ll experience how advantageous it’s miles for enhancing your eyesight permanently.

Carrots (beta carotene)
What humans tell approximately the benefits of the carrots is truly proper. Carrots are rich in beta carotene. when consumed in our system, beta carotene transforms into retinol or vitamin A that’s essential to combat towards many eye problems. Deficiency of diet A reasons night time blindness, dry eyes, ulcers and spotty or blurry vision.

Salmon (omega-3 fatty acids)
There are three forms of omega-three fatty acids and the salmon has them all. This is important due to the fact fish oil consists of a substantial derivative which largely maintains the fitness of the attention. Age-related macular illnesses arise because of ordinary blood vessel enlargement. In step with some researchers, this may be avoided by using a derivative of docosahexaenoic acid. It’s far believed that it is able to restrict the unusual growth of the blood vessel that’s a source of many eye damages.

What Happens When You Mix Beets, Carrots And Apples: A Glass Of Juice That Destroys All Disease!

What does one get once mixed completely along the juice of beetroot, carrots and apples?

Nothing but a magic beverage that has gained worldwide fame for its superb effects on health. For the primary time began to be used among ancient Chinese medication within the treatment of carcinoma and varied different diseases.

It is necessary to say Rudolf Brojs, various doctor from European country UN agency has all his life to finding the most effective natural cure for cancer. He came to the conclusion that tumour cells will survive solely with the assistance of sturdy meat. Devised the medical aid for a amount of forty two days throughout that the patient could also be in your body to enter solely teas and special vegetable juice, whose main ingredient is beetroot. With the assistance of this technique is cured over forty five,000 individuals from cancer and different terminal sicknesses.

Since fruit and vegetable modest to super drug
This simple drink miraculous properties owes to the presence of 2 varieties of vegetables and modest one style of fruit. Their healthful properties of the many of you’re already renowned.

Apple vitamins A, group B, C, E, K and also the minerals Zn, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, metallic element and iron. due to the high content of carbohydrates, particularly levulose and aldohexose, apple provides the body with energy and prevents fatigue. owing to the high content of ascorbic acid and antioxidants, Apple incorporates a sturdy immunostimulatory result. it’s terribly effective in fighting viruses, bacterium and free radicals, stimulate weight loss and stimulates digestion.

Carrot is thought for vitamins A, B, C, E and K. It contains minerals atomic number 20, magnesium, metal and antioxidant. Naturally the agent that preserves vision, reducing the danger of stroke and incorporates a sturdymalignant tumor result.

Beetroot vitamins A, B and C, and iron, copper, Mg and metal. it’s well-known for its helpful result on the center, blood vessels, liver and the whole digestive system, and as a natural substance that protects against cancer.

It gives hope to cancer patients
This potion restores hope to people suffering from cancer. Not only proven applicable in the treatment of lung cancer, it prevents the development of almost all kinds of malignant tumor cells. Beets comprising amino acid betaine, having anti-cancer properties. Beetroot is a traditional remedy for leukemia.

Protects the heart and blood vessels
Magic potion is a great friend of the heart, thanks to the combination of healing properties of carrots, apples and beetroot. The carrot juice are phytonutrients that promote heart health, such as alpha and beta-carotene, and lutein. Thanks to the apple, beverage positive effect on the increased level of bad cholesterol (LDL), regulates blood pressure and protects the heart from various diseases. Beetroot helps to keep arteries elastic and proven to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Stimulates blood circulation and strengthens and protects from a heart attack

– stimulates digestion and promotes weight loss
– Fresh and natural juice of beetroot, carrots and apples is excellent for the digestive system.
– Not only it helps in maintaining the health of the stomach, but also protects against ulcers.
– regulates bowel movements, promotes the secretion of toxins and cures chronic constipation.
– This drink is a natural substance that helps in weight loss.
– It brings lots of nutrients in only a few calories and prolongs the sensation of fullness.

Purifies the body and protects against infection

– Natural juice of beetroot, carrots and apples is effective in cleansing the liver and blood.
– it’s AN alkalescent result on the body and helps clean the liver of harmful, waste materials.
– Apples have sturdy detoxifying properties and area unit made in cellulose – fibrous substances that bind to toxins themselves and facilitate the intestines to expel the remnants of digestible food.

– Iron from beetroot may be a powerful tool for cleanup out the system and also the construction of the blood.
– infusion of the 3 ingredients is effective in maintaining the health of the kidneys, liver and exocrine gland.
– as a result of the sturdy medicament and antiviral properties, and since of the numerous antioxidants, potable protects against infection and inflammation.

Helps skin
Studies have shown that the juice of beetroot, carrot and apple has everything you wish for excellent skin. it’ll facilitateto stay the skin clean, while not pimples and disease of the skin. the wonderful anti-inflammatory drug agent, that cures skin diseases related to viruses and bacterium, likewise as allergies. The wealth of natural ingredients weigh down the aging method of the skin and facilitate with wrinkles, dry and broken skin and restore its luster and snap.

Protects visual sense
With the assistance of this potable will solve the matter of dry, red and tired eyes. Natural juice can assist you to rest your eyes when long work the pc and preserve their natural health. lots of A is proved to assist preserve vision.

Natural ally against women’s issues
Women UN agency have severe catamenial pain ought to usually drink this beverage. It helps with painful cramps and PMS. At identical time, makes up for the loss of iron and removes fatigue related to the cycle.

Why a day to drink a magic beverage of beetroot, carrots and apples:
protects against cancer, strengthens the system, keeps the brain, stimulates memory and cleans the body, protects against infection and inflammation, helps with weight loss, protects and nourishes the skin, helps with allergies, reduces PMS and painful spasms, reduces muscle pain, protects the center and blood vessels, preserves vision.

Prepare your elixir of health reception
To prepare your miracle drink doesn’t have to be compelled to hassle exactly nominative quantities. consistent with your style, you’ll place additional carrots or apples. Use unpeeled fruits grownup organically. Nutritionally richer and healthier as a result of they’re not treated with pesticides and different harmful chemicals. people who need to induce the foremost advantages from this juice ought to represent all 3 ingredients within the same quantities. Eg. 3 apples, three beetroot and three carrots. From recent fruits and vegetables build the juice within the juice extractor – Cut apples, beets and carrots and blend. Strain and pour into a jar and refrigerate, if you’ve got created a largerquantity of juice. The infusion mustn’t be any sweeten. But, will an entire style recent lemon lime or lemon is made in ascorbic acid. This prevents chemical reaction of the juice.

How to use the beverage
The infusion of beetroot, carrot and apple drink the morning, on AN empty abdomen. Have breakfast when AN hour. The potable will drink double daily. The second time you drink to seventeen pm.

It is suggested to drink it slowly and each sip concisely confine your mouth.

The treatment juice ought to unceasingly take from one to 3 months, if you wish to attain long helpful effects on your health.

Do You Know About This Miracle Fruit? It Could Controls Diabetes, Lowers Cholesterol and Fight Inflammation

This fruit is yellow in coloration whilst ripe, and its taste is a mixture of candy and bitter and resembles the flavors of grapes, pear,and citrus end result. This mixture makes it specific and popular amongst humans

But, notwithstanding its precise flavor, the carambola fruit also provides fantastic fitness advantages. It’s miles very low in calories, simplest 31 in 100g, and is excessive in antioxidants, nutrients C and B, riboflavin, folate, niacin and minerals together with calcium, manganese, iron, zinc, and potassium.

Those are some of the excellent fitness benefits of this fruit:

Regulates hypertension
Sodium is the strongest weapon in opposition to blood strain, and the celebrity fruit is low in it but is contains high quantities of potassium which regulates blood pressure. The ordinary consumption of this fruit will deal with hypertension.

Lowers ldl cholesterol
Due to the high fiber content, the carambola fruit promotes coronary heart fitness and reduces the levels of bad ldl cholesterol. Terrible LDL cholesterol results in clogged arteries and for that reason causes coronary heart attacks. however, the intake of the superstar fruit will increase the HDL levels or exact ldl cholesterol.

Strengthens the immune device
This fruit is wealthy in diet C which strengthens immunity and stops various viral sicknesses, like not unusual colds, influenza, etc.

Improves sleep and treats insomnia
Magnesium is extremely helpful in the case of insomnia and disturbed night sleep, and the carambola fruit is excessive n this mineral. Hence, its intake will assist you enhance sleep and get the proper relaxation.

Enables digestion
The fiber in the superstar fruit improves digestion, because it clears the intestines and limits high quantities of water, combating constipation. Its intake after heavy food will improve digestion and save you digestive issues.

It’s far useful for the pores and skin
This fruit promotes skin health due to the high flavonoid content material. It additionally prevents sicknesses like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, and the zinc in it treats zits.

Proper fetus development
The carambola fruit is wealthy in folic acid, or vitamin B9, that is extraordinarily useful within the case of being pregnant. The folic acid is critical at some stage in the primary months of gestation, and it’s miles vital for the healthy improvement of the neural tube and the mind of the child.

Its ordinary intake after the transport aids the formation of breast milk.

Controls diabetes
This fruit is superb for diabetics as it’s miles low in sugar. Furthermore, the fiber in it will balance the blood sugar degrees all through the day, as it will prevent speedy glucose absorption from the intestine.

It has antimicrobial motion
Research have shown that this fruit efficiently fights infections as a result of E.coli, like Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Klebsiella.

Improves eye health
In view that it is rich in diet A, this fruit improves the health of the eyes.

Notwithstanding its numerous fitness benefits, this fruit should now not be consumed inside the case of kidney sicknesses, kidney dialysis, or kidney failure, as it is excessive in oxalic acid and carambola. If takes in those instances, it could purpose confusion, nausea, and vomiting.

Also, you have to devour it carefully if you take medicinal drugs like opiates, statins, or benzodiazepines, because it incorporates materials which can also intrude with these pills, further to grapefruit.