Rub This Point On Your Legs Every Night For Peaceful Sleep

San Yin Jiao is a popular Chinese technique that improves the sleep quality. It involves massaging a specific point on the leg.

Sleep better by massaging this point on your leg

Find the highest peak of your inner ankle bone and then measure 4 finger widths up your inner leg. The point is places just behind the shin bone.
  1. Press this point with your thumb and massage it for 6 seconds using circular movements. Release for 2 seconds and repeat again for 5 minutes.
  2. Repeat the same on the other leg
  3. If it is helpful you can repeat it once again on both legs.
For best results, you should perform the massage at night.

Note: If you feel pain while pressing the point it means that it is the wrong spot.

This method will help you relieve bloating, urological and pelvic disorders, insomnia and will also improve digestion.

You can treat various health issues and relieve pain due to different reasons. It will also regulate the spleen and kidney function as well as alleviate pain and distress caused by menstrual cramps.