Cleanse Your Body and Lose Weight with These 3 Purifying Waters

Detox waters are drinks with purifying properties that contribute to the elimination of toxins built up in your body. Learn how to make 5 delicious, natural detox waters and find out how they can benefit your health.

To really take advantage of these purifying waters, we recommend using high quality ingredients with diuretic effects to encourage fluid elimination and weight loss.

Detox waters are drinks with purifying properties that contribute to the elimination of toxins built up in your body with regular consumption.

Prepared with fruit, vegetables, and spices, these are a source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients that support your physical and mental health.

Detox water recipes have become popular in the last few years since they are an excellent way to increase your water intake and lose a few pounds along the way.

The most remarkable thing is that they also increase energy levels, regulate tissue fluids and promote overall well being.

And although these are no weight loss “miracles”, their low calorie content and special properties do make them a fantastic addition to your diet to get better results.

The demand to learn how to make these at home is high, and so next we want to share 5 delicious recipes with you.

You’re going to love them!

1. Purifying citrus coconut water

This delicious drink combines ingredients rich in antioxidants, fiber, and fatty acids which help you lose weight in a healthy way.

Consuming it regularly (several times a week) promotes the elimination of toxins in your blood, thus helping to clean your excretory system.

1 grapefruit
1 lemon
1/2 lime
1/2 coconut
2 liters of water
Mint leaves (to taste)

How to prepare it
Wash the citrus fruits well, slice, and place in a jar with the two liters of water.
Peel the coconut, cut into small pieces, and add to the jar.
Add a few mint leaves and let sit at least two hours while the ingredients come together.
After this, drink two or three cups throughout the day.

2. Strawberry kiwi detox water
Due to its high content of vitamins A and E, this drink has antioxidants that benefit your body to lower the negative effects of free radicals.

It rejuvenates, detoxes, and improves digestion, helping to remove toxins and thus preventing many kinds of illnesses.

2 liters of water
1 cup of strawberries (200 g)
3 kiwis

How to prepare it
Peel the kiwi, cut into thin slices, and combine with the strawberries and water in a jar.
Let sit in the refrigerator a few hours before drinking.
Enjoy over the course of the day.

3. Ginger lime detox water

Ginger is an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving food that contributes to the relief of many types of conditions and illnesses.

Combined with the alkaline properties of the lime, you get a purifying drink that helps digestion and weight loss.

1 1/2 cups of water (300 ml)
The juice of 1/2 lime
1 tablespoon of grated ginger (10 g)

How to prepare it
Boil the water. Once it reaches a full boil, add the lime juice and grated ginger.
Remove from heat, let sit for a few hours, and enjoy.
Drink a cup before breakfast and another at mid-morning.
Choose the recipe you find most interesting and drink regularly to hydrate and energize your body.

If you have a hard time getting yourself to drink enough water, these recipes are perfect for you.