Wrapping Your Feet In Cabbage Leaves Will Give You Surprising Results

Wrapping Your Feet In Cabbage Leaves Will Give You Surprising Results

Cabbage is an associate of the family of cruciferous vegetables that are well-known for their numerous benefits for our health.

This astounding leafy vegetable is a great source of vitamins B6, C and K and a superb source of folate, dietary fiber, copper, potassium, vitamin B1 and manganese. Furthermore, cabbage is rich in calcium, vitamin B2, iron, magnesium, choline, pantothenic acid, protein, niacin, calcium and phosphorus.

Alternative medicine used cabbage, especially the leaves, for the treatment of numerous health issues, including strains, swelling, sprains and ulcers. Because of their strong anti-inflammatory properties, the cabbage leaves were also used to alleviate joint pain that is due to sports injuries and arthritis.

Though the efficacy of the treatment is not scientifically established, folks used cabbage leaves for a long time as an all-natural and economical remedy for the treatment of inflammation and joint pain.

Since it’s an entirely natural solution to relieve pain, folks who suffer from arthritis use them to cut back on drugs. This really is the way they make use of the cabbage leaves to alleviate the pain:

Cabbage Leaves for soothing Gout
People who have problems with gout and that have used this natural remedy, assert that cabbage leaves actually help alleviate or even eliminate the pain due to their affliction. You have to take a few cabbage leaves and put them into a plastic bag and then keep them in your freezer.

When the pain begins, get the bag of frozen cabbage leaves and place them around the affected area, wrap the feet with a cloth or towel and let your warm skin unfreeze them.

If this treatment is genuinely efficient, the compounds that fight gout found in cabbage leaves will enter the skin and dissolve the uric crystal deposits. But, even if this really doesn’t occur, at least the frozen will relieve and calm the inflammation.

Cabbage makes treatment for swollen feet
Cool down green or white cabbage leaves in the refrigerator till they may be cold but still pliable. Wrap the leaves around the swollen feet and sit with your feet lifted for 30 minutes. Cabbage has astounding water absorption properties and certainly will absorb the extra fluid in your feet.

Warning: It’s extremely rare to possess an allergic reaction to cabbage leaves, but should you notice any itching or swelling on the area where the cabbage was set, promptly remove the leaves. Consult a physicians in case your annoyance remains present or becomes worse.