10 Benefits Of Guava Leaves For Skin Hair And Health

Guava, a tropical fruit originates from Mexico and various parts of America. Fruitful fruit indexed wide range of health benefits, have distinct texture, flavor and smell. Generally, people only focused on fruit rather of leaf. Well, it’s not their fault. Mostly citizens are unaware of it but not from now onwards! Everybody had a deep knowledge of guava fruit for instance indexing proteins, vitamins, etc. What about leaves, thrown away? Don’t dare to repeat again.

1. Cancer
On a serious node drinking sufficient amount of guava leaf juice is a great idea for curing cancer. Natural chemical compounds such as vitamin C, lycopene, poly-phenols and Quercitin depleting the production of cancer cells. Moreover, presence of antioxidants and dietary fats protects body from free radical growth along with reducing effects of toxins from colon.

2. Dengue Treatment
Devouring guava leaf extract is considered as natural home remedy for curing fever. Sipping concoction of boiled guava leaves juice thrice a day keeps dengue away. In this way you regain blood platelets sooner.

3. Improves Vision
Major provenance of strong vision is vitamin A. Regular drinking of guava leaf juice is the best artefact you can do for better eyesight. This is how you can diminish the appearance of macular degeneration including cataract

4. Improves Digestion
Most effective approach for better digestion, as it stimulates digestive enzymes production. Resulting Bacteria stays in the lining of gut becomes inactive through powerful anti bacterial agents along with restricting proliferation of toxic enzymes. Consuming guava leaf juice three times a day proves effect for stomach ache.

5. Diarrhea And Dysentery
Drinking mixture of boiled leaves with hand full of rice flour in one fourth liter of water twice in a day cures Diarrhea instantaneously. Furthermore, for treating dysentery intake potion of boiled leaves including roots of guava plant with water dispense relieving results.

6. Weight Loss
Research shows that you can be safe from many unwanted deceases if you are having fit body with appropriate weight according the body mass index. Consumption of guava tea leaf is one of the most effective assistance of cutting down unwanted fat. As a result it terminates carbohydrates from being transformed into sugar, actually responsible for weight gain including hunger pangs.

7. Diabetes
On the basic of research organised in Japan based institute namely Yakult Central Institute found, consuming guava leaf tea for a period of 4 months help to truncate alpha-glycosidase enzyme activity as a result lessen blood sugar level along with preventing sucrose and maltose from being absorbed by the body deprived of soaring insulin production. So it is a very impressive and easy way to treat diabetes.

8. Cut Off Cholesterol
Guava leaf tea, a natural liver tonic, cut off unwanted cholesterol besides keeps healthy cholesterol. Drinking regularly for 12 weeks put adverse effect on curbing bad cholesterol or LDL(low density lipoprotein) and triglycerides lacking affecting good HDL(high density lipoprotein) cholesterol.

9. Improves Thyroid Function
Thyroid gland, only gland responsible for thyroid functioning. Excess amount of copper in guava succours in proper regulation of hormones output counting absorption round the body.

10. Alleviates Constipation
When it comes to constipation existence of extremely high levels of dietary fibre in guava leaves proves excellent cathartic besides bestowed ability to excrete waste.