Is Your Ring Finger Longer Than Your Index Finger? Here’s What It Means

It is unbelievable how much you can discover about your personality by just comparing your ring finger to your index finger. Here are 3 ring and index finger combinations. You can find out which combination you have, and what it says about you and your personality…

1. You are quiet by nature

Your index finger is shorter than your ring finger: this means that you are shy and you like to keep it all to yourself. You have difficulties in communicating and expressing your feelings to people, especially if you have strong feelings for them. In addition, when it comes to friendship, you often give more than you receive.

2. You are confident

Your index finger is longer than your ring finger: you are an easy going person, you don’t have problems talking to new people and you can easily express your feelings. You are the one who treats others with kindness and generosity, and you always speak your mind.

3. You want to keep for yourself

If your index and ring finger are the same length it means that you prefer to be alone. Even though your communication with other people comes naturally, usually it is not preferred. You need to work on your self-confidence if you want to enjoy your life.