6 Best Herbal Treatments For Breast Cancer

The proponents of herbal remedies state that the body’s lymphatic system is regularly bombarded with toxic chemicals, wastes and pollutants, which cause disease and disability in the body. The lymphatic system in the body not only transports fluids but also rids the body of harmful wastes, microbes, dead cells and other substances.

The lymphatic system once clogged, takes a toll on the body in the form of cancers, sinuses, headaches and a weakened immune system. Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer amongst women.

Some simple lifestyle changes and herbal supplements can drastically change the outcome and prognosis of breast cancer treatment. Here are some herbal and natural remedies for breast cancer prevention.

Herbal Treatments For Breast Cancer

Greens like broccoli and broccoli sprouts are by far the best vegetables to prevent and treat breast cancer. Reduce the intake of non-vegetarian food. It is of utmost importance to reduce the intake of non-vegetarian food.

Non-vegetarian food contains powerful and potent toxins, which harm the immune system of the body leading to a host of cancers including breast cancer.

Black Cohosh
Herbal doctors have long prescribed black cohosh as an effective cure for menopause as it tends to reduce the symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats and weight gain.

Recent research has also concluded that black cohosh stops breast cancer cells right in their track and helps to prevent breast cancer.

Green Tea
Green tea reduces the incidence of tumours in the breast cells .It also reduces tumour burden and prevents their development in breast tissues. Breast cancer cell growth can be effectively inhibited with the help of green tea as it has powerful phytochemicals that attack cancer cells.