Home Remedy for Mosquito Bite Relief

A mosquito bite is an annoyance that results in a constant itching sensation and can even lead to swelling. A number of over-the-counter treatments for insect bites are available, but when you get a mosquito bite, you will want instant relief rather than having to make a run to the store. Several alternatives using common household items can address the itching and pain just as effectively---and often more conveniently---as the store-bought treatments.

Baking Soda
Mix baking soda and vinegar to make a thick paste. Apply the paste to the site of the mosquito bite. The chemistry of the paste will react with the toxins in the venom to neutralize the acid and provide immediate relief from itching. As the paste mixture dries out, it will form a protective barrier over the sting, allowing the bite to heal more quickly. Because the paste will begin to flake off as it dries, wrap the area in gauze.

Toothpaste applied directly to the site of a mosquito bite will soothe itching and prevent you from scratching the area, which will only spread the poison and increase the itching. The active ingredients in the toothpaste neutralize the acid. The glycerin in the toothpaste will help dry out the venom underneath the skin.

Kitchen Products
Common ingredients you use to cook can also be applied to a mosquito bite. For instance, after rubbing water on the bite area to moisten it, rub salt over the bite. The itching should subside right away. Meat tenderizer works the same way as the salt and can be rubbed directly on the bite. Apple cider vinegar will also help relieve itching, but it might irritate sensitive skin.

The alkaline nature of deodorant makes it a great home remedy for insect bites. The solid variety, rather than a gel or spray, should be used for this purpose. Simply rub the deodorant across the site of the bite for quick relief.

Of all the home remedies for skin conditions, including mosquito bites, aloe is one of the most popular. Well known for its healing properties, aloe vera gel applied to a bite not only will provide a soothing, cooling sensation but also will help the bite to heal more quickly.