Olive Oil Remedies For Dandruff

The overall health benefits of consuming olive oil are widely known, but olive oil can also be applied topically to treat a number of hair-care problems, including a dry, itchy scalp and dandruff. Olive oil can be found in a number of skin and hair-care products, from soaps to conditioners and styling products. But you can just as easily reap the benefits with an olive-oil home remedy using ingredients in your kitchen. With just a few tools for hair care, you can treat dandruff with olive oil in less than an hour.

Preparing Your Hair
Wet your hair thoroughly with warm water before treating with olive oil. By wetting your hair before you treat the scalp, you ensure that the oil goes straight to the target area rather than the dry hair follicles. Although olive oil also replenishes dry, brittle and damaged hair, an olive-oil dandruff treatment should target the scalp rather than the follicles.

Preparing the Oil
Warm the olive oil on the stove before you apply it to your hair. Warm oil has a better consistency than cold oil for treatment of a dry, flaky scalp. Use a thermometer to avoid scalding your hands or scalp.

Treating the Scalp
As you massage the olive oil into your scalp, section your hair to provide better access to the lower scalp and evenly treat dandruff all over the head. You can also target specific areas where dandruff is especially prevalent, such as your part line or hairline along the forehead and temples.

FInishing the Remedy
After massaging olive oil into the scalp, wrap your head in a towel or cover with a shower cap, and allow the olive oil to sit for 30 minutes to saturate the scalp and infuse the hair follicles. After completing the treatment, shampoo thoroughly and condition. Avoid blow-drying hair after completing the treatment, and allow hair to air dry. Blow-drying can contribute to dandruff and other scalp problems, so blow-drying after olive-oil dandruff treatment undercuts the benefits of adding moisture.

Using Olive Oil
Although olive oil can be used in a range of home remedies for skin and hair care, avoid overuse of olive oil on the scalp. If your scalp develops an oily residue or if your hair feels or looks oily after the treatment, apply the treatment to the scalp only, and use a hair pick rather than your fingers for a more focused application.