How to Begin Yoga Poses for the Overweight

How to Begin Yoga Poses for the Overweight

Many times people think if they're overweight, they can't do yoga. Yoga is a series of relaxing and stretching poses. Any of them can be modified for your fitness level. An introduction to yoga by using simple sitting poses is a good way for an overweight person to ease into other yoga poses.

Try chair yoga. This allows a wide range of yoga poses for the upper body. Neck rolls, shoulder raises, spinal twists and many other simple poses can be performed from sitting in a chair.

Lie on your back or recline in a chair and practice breathing techniques. This will provide you with a calming, relaxing and energizing exercise. This also helps lower your blood pressure and oxygenates your blood.

Sit or lie comfortably and stretch your arms with your palms facing up. You can also lift your feet from the floor to stretch your legs.

Place your back against the wall and press your legs against the wall to stretch your hamstrings. Breathe gently and relax in this pose for a few minutes.