How to Tighten Stomach Skin

How to Tighten Stomach Skin

Have you recently had a baby or lost a significant amount of weight? You might experience some lose stomach skin. Many people feel disheartened that they will never tighten stomach skin. There are several ways to tighten stomach skin that will help you look better and feel better about yourself.

Add three 8 ounce glasses of water to your daily diet. Try to consume the water at each meal. Water helps the body stay hydrated and will in the long run help to tighten stomach skin.

Tighten your stomach muscles throughout the day while you are standing in lines, driving your car or even watching television. Pull your stomach muscles in. Hold for a few seconds. Release and repeat several times. This will build your core stomach muscles.

Apply collagen cream to your stomach area three times a day. Allow enough time for the collagen moisture to soak into your skin.

Quit eating sweets or products that contain fructose syrup. These create by-products in your body that breaks down collagen needed to keep your skin elastic and tighter.

Lie on your back. Lift your legs half way in the air. Hold. Lower your legs. Repeat several times.