How to Sweat Off Belly Fat

How to Sweat Off Belly Fat

Although it is not possible to lose weight from a specific body part without cosmetic surgery, you can use interval exercise combined with a healthy diet to get rid of excess fat from your stomach area. It takes 4,000 calories burned to lose one pound of fat from the body. By increasing your exercise regimen, you increase the amount of calories you burn. Research shows that cardiovascular exercise with peaks of high energy drastically increase the body's potential to burn fat.


1. Select a cardiovascular workout activity that suites you best. Chose from running/walking, swimming, stair climbing, cycling or elliptical training.

2. Begin your cardiovascular workout by starting with a low-intensity warm-up for five minutes. If you are on a machine with resistance, make sure it is set at zero.

3. Transition to a high-intensity cardiovascular workout by increasing your speed or resistance to the highest level you feel comfortable working out at. Maintain this level for three to five minutes.

4. Return to your low-intensity level of cardiovascular exercise. Continue transitioning back and forth from high- to low-intensity intervals of three to five minutes each until you become fatigued. Twenty minutes is an adequate amount of time.

5. Repeat this workout on a daily basis for the best results.