How to Get Skinny Arms

How to Get Skinny Arms

When a woman gains weight, one of the most obvious indicators is the size of her arms. Many women desire to get rid of the flabby triceps and tone up but may not know the best approach. However, effective ways exist to lose fat around the arms and achieve satisfactory results that will leave arms fit and looking fabulous.

Blast fat with cardiovascular exercises. Set your body in fat-burning motion by incorporating cardio into your strength-training routine. According to "Shape" magazine, 20 minutes of cardio exercise a day such as a treadmill walk or run, a walk in the park or elliptical training will help you shed pounds.

Incorporate strength training into your exercise routine. "Self" magazine states that you should do strength training exercises at least twice per week. However, you should do your strength training exercises on 2 nonconsecutive days instead of 2 days in a row.

Do arm raises using 2 to 10 pound weights. "Self" magazine suggests using weights that provide enough resistance and do anywhere from eight to 12 repetitions, alternating from the right arm to the left arm. Take a 30-second pause and repeat the arm raises in three sets. This exercise targets the arms and shoulders.

Use a stability ball. With the stability ball, you can do push-ups by placing your hands in the center of the ball and lowering your body to about 1 inch from the ball and lifting your body back up to the original push-up position. "Self" recommends doing anywhere from 10 to 12 repetitions of this tricep-targeting move in at least two sets.

Walk while toning your arms. According to "Fitness" magazine, you don't need weights to tone up the arms as you walk. The magazine suggests incorporating four easy arm-toning moves while walking; the upright row, in which you lift the elbows out to the sides at shoulders height, squeezing shoulders and upper back together; the chest press, lifting both arms up in front of you with palms face up and squeezing the chest; the lateral press, raising elbows out at shoulders height and swinging the fists down and out until arms are extended; and the one-arm reverse fly, with left hand on hip and right hand in a fist on top of opposite hand, then lift right hand diagonally until extended up with palm facing forward, then lower back to starting position. Repeat 25 repetitions on each arm for all exercises.