How to Get Rid of Arm Fat Without Gaining Muscle

How to Get Rid of Arm Fat Without Gaining Muscle

As you age and your metabolism begins to slow, you may find yourself developing visible excess fat on the upper portion of your arms. Arm fat can lower your self-esteem and limit your wardrobe, as you may find yourself feeling too self-conscious to wear shirts or dresses that reveal your arms. If you want to slim down the size of your arms without building a large amount of muscle, make changes to your diet and exercise routine.

Things You'll Need
  • Handweights
Cut out high-sugar and high-fat foods from your diet such as candy and fried foods. Foods that are high in empty calories will make it harder for you to lose weight in your arms.

Add more lean proteins to your diet such as fish, almonds and avocados. Protein will help break down fat and eliminate the excess flab on your arms.

Drink more water and less coffee and other sugary beverages. Water will help flush your system of toxins, boost your immune system and burn fat by optimizing all of your body's natural functions. When increasing your water intake, you will shed water weight that the body stored in order to remain hydrated. However, once you have lost water weight, water will boost your metabolism in order to burn fat.

Engage in a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio exercise three times per week. Cardio exercises such as running, hiking, walking and aerobics will burn fat from your entire body, including your arms.

Do several sets of lifts using light hand weights several times per week. This will help tone your arms without building too much muscle as you burn fat. Start out with a few repetitions and gradually increase the number of lifts as it becomes easier for you.