How to Diet for Six Pack Abs

How to Diet for Six Pack Abs

Late-night infomercials may lead you to believe you can have a six-pack set of abs in a few short weeks if you purchase the machine the actors are peddling. The truth is, no matter how much exercise you do or how much you spend on machines, you'll never achieve that chiseled look without the proper diet to go along with your workouts.


1. Eat small meals about six times per day rather than three large meals. Make your meals a combination of good carbs, protein and good fats. The small, frequent meals can raise your metabolism and help you build lean muscle mass.

2. Take in lean protein, such as tuna; scrambled or boiled egg whites; and baked, broiled or boiled chicken. Don't use sauces or high-fat condiments.

3. Limit your fat intake, but don't cut it out of your diet completely. Eat good fats in moderation, such as olive oil and salmon.

4. Eat some carbohydrates, but make sure they are good carbs, such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables.

5. Stay away from breads, pastas and high-sugar foods. Satisfy your sweet cravings by eating fruits.

6. Drink lots of water, about half a gallon per day will ensure you won't get dehydrated. Dehydration will cause you to retain fluid.

7. Combine this diet along with exercises, such as crunches, hanging leg raises and leg lifts, and you'll be on your way to having the chiseled abs you want without the expense of those pricey machines.