Home Remedies for Tattoo Removal

Home Remedies for Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are a popular method of body art. To create a tattoo, ink is injected into the skin to change its pigmentation. Many people find that after they have had their tattoo for a number of years, it no longer suits their lifestyle or personality. When expensive professional tattoo removal isn't an option, there are several at-home methods that can be used.

Try a tattoo removal cream. One of the most commonly advertised at-home tattoo removal methods are creams such as Tat B Gone and Tattoo-Off. Tattoo-OFF, for example, claims that it will fade tattoos almost entirely in as little as 6 months. User comments vary, and you will be spending money on the cream over a long period of time, so compare costs before choosing this method.

Sand the tattoo off. Because tattoos are located near the top layers of the skin, it is possible to remove them with abrasive materials. You can try using a pumice stone, sand paper, or a power sander. Keep in mind that this is not a particularly safe method of tattoo removal, and be sure to use antibacterial ointment to prevent infection.

Use an extreme method. If you have a high tolerance for pain and no worries about scarring, you might try to Magic Wand Home Tattoo Removal System, a product from Great Inventions. The Magic Wand is essentially a small iron that you apply to the tattoo to literally burn it off. After the skin is burned, you are instructed to wrap the area with bandages that must be changed every 30 minutes. This is a particularly dangerous method of tattoo removal (see Resources below).

Cover your tattoo. If you need to cover your tattoo only for work or certain occasions, consider using tattoo makeup. Often used by film and stage actors, tattoo makeup is heavily pigmented to hide tattoos. It is useful for smaller tattoos, and is an inexpensive, safe method. You can find tattoo makeup at stores which sell performing arts costumes and products, or online at retailers such as Ben Nye

Consider your options. At-home tattoo removal can be a dangerous endeavor, and you run the risk of infection and scarring. Consider the cost of your chosen removal method and the aesthetic and health effects before going through with a serious tattoo removal procedure.