Fruit and Water Diet

Fruit and Water Diet

The fruit and water diet is a practical diet for weight loss and body cleansing. This is a short-term diet. Fruit is high in natural fiber and moisture and low in calories. The fiber and moisture helps the body flush out the digestive system.

One Day
Some people choose one day a month for a fruit and water diet, eating all the fruit they want and drinking only water.

Three Days
Choose seasonal fresh fruits like berries, bananas and melons for a three-day diet. Eat as much fruit as desired the first day, then eat only when hungry the next two days.

Month Diet
Some people eat a modified fruit diet several weeks or up to a month two or three times a year. Fruit with glasses of vegetable juice or water make up meals and snacks.

Drink a glass of water with each fruit meal and between meals. Drink six to eight cups of water a day.

Choose seasonal fruits for fresh flavor and lower cost. Wash and store them for quick snacks or meals.

An all-fruit diet may cause muscle weakness or digestive upset such as diarrhea.