Food That Naturally Enhances Breast Size

Food That Naturally Enhances Breast Size

Women often are interested in increasing their breast size, whether it's because of personal preference or external pressures. There are ways to do this, with the most popular being breast implants, which can be expensive, painful and unhealthy later in life because many women's bodies aren't naturally built to handle large breasts. There are, however, natural ways to increase breast size through diet alone. Though there aren't a large number of these foods and the increase isn't dramatic, it is cheaper and undoubtedly healthier than having an orb of saline inserted into your body.

Increase in Hormones in Meats
According to The Wellness Mythbuster blog, hormones have been added to meats like beef and poultry to increase breast sizes in teenage girls and young women. And according to's piece on changing breast sizes, the average natural size for a woman was 34B two decades ago. Now, the average natural size is 36C.

Regulating Testosterone in the Body
Fruits and vegetables regulate testosterone in the body, which allows breasts to grow with the intake of other natural foods or supplements. Vegetables that are high in fiber--along with oats, wheat and barley--can also increase breast size. Other fruits and vegetables, from berries to brussels sprouts, are good for the cells in breasts, helping them regenerate.

Consuming a Variety of Herbs
Another way to increase breast size is to regularly consume large quantities of a consortium of herbs. Fenugreek contains a compound that creates healthy breast tissue. Wild yam is a known breast enlarger and is also considered a sex stimulant. Fennel not only increases breast size but promotes milk production in new mothers.

Sesame Seeds
Sesame seeds have been found to be effective at firming and enlarging the breasts of women. Made up of calcium, protein, iron and phosphorous, these seeds are easy to add to a standard daily diet. The oil from these seeds can also be applied to the breast themselves and is supposed to enhance size and firmness.

Healthy Eating and Slimmer Waist Lines
Soy and low-fat dairy products are known to help increase breast size, and they also slim the waistline, giving the appearance of larger breasts. Generally eating healthy will make a body thinner and breasts fuller, giving the illusion that the breasts are bigger and instilling confidence in a woman regarding her appearance.