The Best Stretches to Increase Height

Stretching can naturally increase your height and lengthen your spine. You should stretch regularly, especially if you spend most of your time hunched over in a cubicle. It strengthens and decompresses your cartilage, not to mention makes you feel more relaxed. According to the Growing Taller Guide website, as your cartilage decompresses, it absorbs nutrients and becomes thicker, and this increases your height.

Bend Forward Stretch
Place your feet a little over 1 foot apart and bend over at your waist. Keep your knees straight, but not locked, and run your hands as far down the back of your legs as you can without bending your knees. This stretch targets the back, neck, hamstrings, calves and hips.

Cobra Stretch
Lay on your stomach on the floor with your arms bent on your sides and your hands near your chest. Keep your butt tight and pelvis on the floor. Leaving your hands and forearms on the floor, lift your head and neck up like a snake. Feel the stretch in your spine, back and chest. Inhale and exhale five times. Then lift yourself up on your hands and stretch even further. Inhale and exhale five times.

Downward Dog
Get on your hands and knees with your hands out in front of you, fingers pointing straight ahead and elbows facing out away from you. Place your feet shoulder width apart. Curl your toes and roll back on the balls of your feet, while using your arms to push your body up into an upside down V. Focus on stretching your spine by pushing your hips up toward the ceiling. Inhale and exhale three times, then repeat the movement starting on your hands and knees.

Bend to Knee
Sit on the floor and put your legs out straight in front of you. Then pull one of your feet in, so your knee is bent and your foot touches your inner thigh. Face your extended knee and put your hands on either your calf or foot as you bend forward towards your knee. Hold your stretch for a count of 10 while slowly breathing. Feel the stretch in your spine and hamstring. Then repeat with the other leg.