The Best Fat Burning Diet Pill

The Best Fat Burning Diet Pill

There are many pills available that are claimed to "burn fat." The truth is that that there is no pill that will magically burn fat off your body. However, there are pills that can give a person an edge when it comes to losing weight.

What is Really Meant by "Fat Burning"
When it a pill is touted to "burn fat" it is doing one of two things. Either it is enhancing the body's metabolism or reducing the amount of fat that is being absorbed by the body. No fat burning pill will make you lose weight automatically. All fat burning pill instructions specify that you work out in addition to taking the pills. What happens in most cases is that the fat burning pills may in fact help you lose weight quicker, not effortlessly "burn" excess fat as often implied.

Alli is a fairly new weight loss pill, which works by reducing the amount of fat absorbed after each meal. Alli contains the drug Orlistat, which helps block the absorption of fat. The Alli program requires that people who use the product need to exercise and eat a reduced fat diet. Alli does have notable side effects, including oily and loose bowel movement. Alli claims to help people lose up to 50% more weight than exercise and diet alone.

Green Tea Pills
Green tea has been proven to increase metabolism and decrease hunger. Green tea contains EGCG, a powerful antioxidant. Research suggests that EGCG helps boost metabolism, suppress appetite, and helps keep your heart healthy so a person can keep up with their cardio program. Many different companies claim that green tea fat burning pills will help people loss 20 pounds in just weeks. Be careful when buying green tea fat burning pills, because there have been reports of particular companies not selling exactly what they are claim they are selling.

CLA Fat Burning Pills
CLA, like EGCG in green tea, is an antioxidant. CLA, known as Conjugate Linoleic Acid, is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in both dairy and meat products. CLA prevents fat cells from getting bigger. CLA must be taken with a balanced diet and moderate exercise. When a person loses weight from eating better and exercise, CLA helps keep the fat off by inhibiting fat cells' ability to store more fat. CLA does entail some risk, including an increased risk of diabetes, and in some cases makes people unresponsive to insulin treatments.