How to Walk in Place to Lose Belly Fat

How to Walk in Place to Lose Belly Fat

Walking has always been a beneficial way to help burn calories and reduce belly fat. You can walk in place no matter the time a day, the weather, or the location. This low-impact exercise can promote belly fat burn and weight maintenance.

Things You'll Need
  • Walking or gym shoes
  • Watch
  • Water
  • Comfortable or workout clothing
  • Heart rate monitor (optional)
  • Step counter (optional)
  • MP3 player (optional)
  • Directions
1. Begin by warming up the body with a slow walk for at least five minutes. This allows the muscles to stretch out and elevates the heart rate. If listening to music, try slower-paced music during the warm up.

2. Once you are warmed up, pick up the pace. A heart rate monitor during this part of your workout can be beneficial to make sure you are in the fat-burning zones. Throughout your walk do intervals where you pick up your speed for one to two minutes at a time. Pick music that has an upbeat tempo during this part of the workout.

3. Do a five-minute cool down to slow down your heart rate. Turn the tunes down and pick slow and calm music. Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout.

4. Aim for walking in place at least 45 minutes at a time a couple times a week. To mix it up try walking a few steps forward and back or side to side during your workout routine.