How to Have a Positive Mental Attitude

How to Have a Positive Mental Attitude

When you dwell on the negative aspects of life and compare your failings to another's successes, you can become depressed and discouraged. You've heard that a positive mental attitude will improve your outlook but you may find it hard to see the silver lining when dark clouds loom. Try a few techniques to retrain your thoughts.

Live for yourself. When you constantly try to be the person others want you to be, you cheat yourself out of individuality and your own dreams. Take a long hard look at what you want out of life and plan your daily routine to include at least one or two elements that bring your goals closer.

Understand that even if you can't control outside circumstances, you can control your reaction to them. If you're currently working in a dead-end job with a boss who is demeaning, make a conscious effort to tell yourself that his poor behavior can make you upset only if you allow it.

Leave your work at the office, mentally that is. When you step outside after a trying day's work, tell yourself that you have all day tomorrow to deal with the problems and mentally switch gears by thinking something positive or planning your next vacation, even if it's months away.

Slow down. When constantly pressed to finish tasks, you can develop a negative attitude towards life. If time is a commodity, figure out how you can schedule your chores more efficiently. Just by rising 15 minutes earlier each day, you will have the time to say hello to your neighbor, pet a puppy or just gaze out the window at the rain.

Learn something new every day. You can encourage a positive attitude by always providing something new in your life. As a child, your curiosity led you to explore and learn. Recapture that feeling today by taking a night class, studying a new language, learning to garden or anything else that interests you.

Make a list of the positive aspects in your life. Include your achievements. If you are a humorous person, put that on the list. If you can play the violin or you know a lot about dogs, include those aspects. Make a long detailed list of everything that you do well or at least that is not negative. Read the list when you need a mental boost.

Help others. Extending a helping hand to those in need makes you feel needed and worthwhile. Make it a habit to volunteer for charitable organizations. Helping others allows us to be thankful for the blessing we have and helps us maintain a positive attitude.