How to Get a Six Pack in 90 Days

How to Get a Six Pack in 90 Days

Six packs are the envy of many men. With hard work and plenty of patience and dedication, six packs are possible. It takes dieting, weight loss, and some exercises to reach your six pack goal.


1. Lose weight by dieting and exercise. In order to get a six pack in 90 days, you have to lose all those extra pounds first. It's impossible to see your abs if there is excess weight covering them up. Cut you calorie and fat intake to help lose weight. Also, incorporate exercises into your daily life to help cut down those extra pounds.

2. Make a set of exercises that you will do daily or several times a week and keep to them. Abdominal crunches are great for sculpting your abs and get you well on your way to a nice six pack. Lie on the ground or on top of a large fitness ball. Then, place your hands on the sides of your head and lean your head backwards. As odd as it sounds, keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth and keep your chin facing the ceiling. Then tighten your stomach to pull yourself up. Hold for five seconds and then lower yourself back down. Start with ten reps a day for a week and then increase the reps weekly by five.

Reverse crunches are great for targeting your hard to sculpt abdominal muscles. Lie on your back with your arms at your sides and your palms face down on the floor. With your knees bent, tighten your stomach muscles in order to lift your hips off the floor. Hold for ten seconds, and then return your hips to the floor. As you get stronger, hold your crunch longer. Fifteen reps a day are a good start for your first week; however you can start at a lower number if fifteen is too many. Then increase the reps by five every week.

Leg extensions are great for your abs, and great for your legs. While on your back, place your hands behind your head. Then, put both of your knees into the air and extend one leg out in front of you while keeping the other knee pulled in. With the leg still extended, bring your opposite shoulder up towards the still bent knee. Your goal is to try to touch your elbow to your opposite knee. Keep your stomach muscles tight and hold for a few seconds before switching legs. Continue to alternate legs for a great workout. Do twenty reps for each leg a day for your first week. If twenty is too many, then start with fifteen. Like with the other two exercises, add five reps to your workout a week.

3. Make a plan and stick to it. In order to get a six pack in 90 days, you have to be dedicated to dieting and exercising. Keep a journal of your plans and goals, such as starting with losing a few extra pounds by dieting and exercising during your first few weeks, and then moving on to more aggressive exercises to help tone your abs. Document your process as much as possible. Make weekly goals such as doing so many exercises a day and eating only so many calories, and keep track on whether or not you keep your goal. Also keep track of weight you have loss and muscle you have gaining on your abs. This way, when you begin to feel discouraged, you can get out your journal and see your success for an encouraging lift.