How to Get Brighter Skin In One Week Naturally

We have all gone through the much dreaded blemished skin phase in our lives. During this time our skin seems to be our worst enemy. We constantly wish we could hide under a paper bag. We try all kinds of cleansers and products that profess to make the unwanted dullness and dryness go away. This is to no avail. The good news is that there are many natural ways to diminish blemishes and make your skin look brighter and younger at the same time. Furthermore, it's an easy process that takes little to no time at all.

Steam your face in order to open up your pores. Bring a pot of water to a boil and add natural herbs such as thyme, pepper mint or lemon for oily skin. Add chamomile or lime for dry or sensitive skin. Pour the steaming water into a large bowl. Hold a towel around your head as you level your face above the steaming bowl of water. Do this steaming technique to remove dirt, makeup or dead skin cells that may be clogged in your pores. Apply a cool washcloth to the face for 10 minutes to cool your skin and close your pores.

Use non-soapy facial cleansers to avoid drying out your skin. Find cleansers that include natural ingredients. Pat your skin dry with a dry cloth instead of wiping it so that you do not burn your skin. Apply moisturizers with natural ingredients after you have dried your face. Repeat this procedure daily.

Drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and eliminate processed food and foods that are high in sugar. Eat broccoli and fish for added brightness to the skin. Avoid alcoholic drinks and spicy foods that contain histamine and cause the skin to redden. Add antioxidants to your diet. Use vitamin C in concentrations that are greater than 10 percent to even out your skin tone and prevent damage to your skin from UV rays exposure.

Get an ample amount of sleep to prevent dark circles around the eyes and puffiness of the eyes and face. Remember to relax and eliminate stress by remaining active and spending time outside.