How to Cure Headache Naturally

How to Cure Headache Naturally

Headaches come in many forms. There are medications called triptans that can help break cycle of migraines. If you are getting a sudden onslaught of severe headaches you should consult doctor to rule out neurological problems such as aneurysm.

The rule of thumb is if you have headaches more than 15x a month you should consult doctor for medical intervention. Meanwhile follow these tips and see if you can get relief without overdosing on aspirin.

Rub a little peppermint crème on temples. Peppermint is a calmer of nerves and can also revive a little energy.

Squeeze: Squeeze the forehead and back of head at the same time. Place hands on front of head and in the back by base of skill. You may need to lean back head on firm surface to get just a little pressure. Hold squeeze for 15 seconds.

Squeeze method
A cold washcloth (damp) draped over forehead and up over top of head and kept in place for 5 minutes or so can help. Or use an ice bag alternating from on forehead to nape of neck area.

Massage getting massage of neck muscles can relax the headache. Sometimes chiropractic can help if headaches are caused by being out of alignment.

ACUPUNCTURE: According to breaking news, acupuncture works about 65% of the time; compared to aspirins success rate of 41%. Ask if Acupressure is effective after treatment.

Walk 90 min per week. According to some this cuts headache occurrences in half. It also helps boost brain power.

Do not sleep in cold rooms. Heat your bedroom to at least 68 degrees (and for me that's still too cold!). If you suffer from migraines use the washcloth, lay down in dark, quiet room and see if a 15 minute nap will help it abate.

Increase magnesium in diet. Magnesium can also help leg cramps and cardio.

If you suffer from migraines, consider getting a prescription for triptans adn while this is not natural you might break cycle of migraines. If you are a woman checking hormone balances may be helpful. the traditional dark room and resting eyes and even napping can break the migraine into a shorter episode. For the best article I have read on headaches read the article in resource box about "butterbar". check with your doctor and nutritionist.