Homemade Skin Whitener

Homemade Skin Whitener

Lightening your skin can be expensive and hazardous if not done correctly. Having skin lightening surgical procedures done by a professional are an alternative to home remedies, but are more expensive and involve much more than natural ingredients. But, making homemade skin whitener is safer and easy to do at home with natural ingredients you may already have.

Remedies Made with Lemon and Orange Juice
Lemon juice is often used by women as natural bleach. You may have used it in your hair before since it lightens your color when it combines with the rays from the sun. For your skin, it has the ability to lighten your pigmentation and complexion. Make sure though that if you have sensitive skin to use smaller amounts, but do not dilute with water. You can mix equal amounts of lemon juice with honey, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off. You will see results at the end of the 30 days. Mixing equal parts of cucumber juice and lemon juice has a similar effect. Cucumber has healing and cooling agents, so this is good if you have sensitive skin.

Yogurt and orange juice have the same affects if used daily for 30 days. Yogurt is good for sensitive skin and balances out the acidity of the orange juice if you use a little more.

After a month of any of these remedies, you can begin doing it twice a day. You just need to prepare your skin in the least harsh way as possible to begin with.

Potatoes, Gram Flour, and Sandalwood Powder
These three all have natural bleaching agents in them, and they are simple to use. Cut the potatoes in half and rub them on your skin. You could even blend them and make a paste, spread it over your skin, then rinse it off after 15 minutes.

Gram flour is another good ingredient to use. Turn it into a paste by adding a few drops each of lemon juice and milk, as well as a dime-size amount of turmeric powder. You want to spread it evenly across your skin like a mask and wait until it dries completely. Then, scrub it off and apply aloe or Shea butter to keep your skin cool and free from irritation.

Sandalwood powder can give you an even skin tone. Make a paste of it with tomato, lemon and cucumber juices. Leave it on until it dries, and then wash it off.

Skin Whitening by UV Ray Protection
To keep your skin from getting darker at all, make sure to wear sun block whenever you are outside. Using foundation with sun block in it will help protect your skin and prevent your skin from absorbing the oils as well.