Foods to Eat to Increase Breast Size

Foods to Eat to Increase Breast Size

Many women feel uncomfortable with the size of their breasts. They would like larger breasts, but do not feel comfortable with the idea of cosmetic surgery. There are natural ways that women can enhance their breasts simply by making changes in their diet.

Estrogen is a female hormone that promotes breast growth. Women with hormone imbalance commonly have smaller breasts due to lower levels of estrogen. For women with hormone imbalance, their bodies may produce larger amounts of testosterone that prohibits breast growth. To counteract the effects of lower amounts of estrogen in their bodies, these women should eat foods that promote estrogen production. Eat more whole grain foods like oats, or barley products. Fresh fruits and vegetables regulate the levels of testosterone in your body so it does not become elevated. Fresh strawberries and blueberries protect your skin cells from free radicals and promote breast tissue growth.

To increase the size of your breasts, consider avoiding foods or beverages that contain caffeine. Caffeine counteracts the balance of your body and hinders breast growth, and contains a diuretic quality that hinders your body's ability to supply enough water to your body. This water is needed to supplement breast tissue. Any food or beverage that includes caffeine should be avoided, including chocolate.

Eating foods that are rich in protein has been found to increase breast tissue growth. As noted by the Natural Breast Guide website, using supplements like the Bountiful Breast product while eating foods rich in proteins produce increased results in breast growth. These foods include eggs, fish, meat, or protein shakes for maximum results.

The Greenbush Natural Products website states that herbs have been used successful for centuries to increase breast growth. Specific herbs can be introduced to your diet by using the herbs as powder mixes, capsules, or teas. Specific herbs contain a mastogenic effect which aids estrogen in breast growth and health. Some of these herbs include fenugreek, saw palmetto, wild yam, and fennel. Fennel is an herb that promotes enhanced breast size and milk growth in new mothers. Wild yam is used as an herbal tonic for women's health. It also aids in premenstrual syndrome, menopause, and breast enlargement.

Time Frame
Making changes to your diet will aid your body in breast growth. Start slow by making one change. Monitor the changes in your breast tissue. To continue the process, start by making another change, and then monitor the results. By making small changes, rather than an overall change, your body will have time to adjust and you will be able to monitor your growth and progress.