Exercises for Hips, Stomach and Butt

Exercises for Hips, Stomach and Butt

Even if you lose weight, there are still those stubborn areas that just won't cooperate. If you've been following a diet and exercise program and are still having trouble toning your hips, stomach and butt, chances are you're not doing the correct exercises. The type of exercise you do is just as important as how often you do it. Having a workout program that incorporates the right exercises will give you the toned body you've always wanted.

Conditioning Your Hips
The hips tend to accumulate body fat. If this is a problem area for you, two exercises will target and slim down your hips. For the first exercise, lean against a wall and do single-leg squats. After that, try single-leg dumbbell squats using 5 to 10 lbs. in each hand. These are similar to regular squats, which you will be doing later to tone the glutes, but these are done balancing on one foot to target the hip area. Keep in mind these exercises can be hard on your knees. Stop immediately if you feel discomfort in your knee.

Toning the Butt
Another problem area for many is the gluteul muscles, more commonly known as your butt. If you are having problems toning this area, there are excellent exercises that target the muscles that make up your buttocks. The best perhaps are squats. You can do squats at the gym or at home, with weights or without. Make sure your start with manageable weight as knee injuries can occur if you try and lift too much. Kickbacks are also a great exercise for the butt. With kickbacks you want to ensure you don't arch your back too far. Add ankle weight for more resistance as you build up strength. Have fun and enjoy a great cardio workout while toning your butt by inline skating. With proper form, you'll get a tremendous glute workout and important aerobic exercise. Remember to keep your back flat and your legs tucked under the body before initiating the stride; this will give you the maximum benefit.

Targeting Your Stomach
Your abdominal muscles respond best when you concentrate on each area separately. You will want to exercise the upper abs, lower abs and obliques (also known as your love handles.) For upper abs, the best exercise is the basic crunch. Remember not to sit all the way up. When you sit all the way up, you're using your back instead of your abs. For the lower abs, try the reverse crunch. This exercise is similar to the basic crunch, but you're lifting your legs instead of your upper torso. A great exercise for the obliques is the oblique crunch. This is also similar to the basic crunch, but you rotate your upper body left and right to target those side areas.

The nice part about all of these exercises is you can do them in your home, at the gym or on the road.