Cayenne Pepper and Lemon For Weight Loss

Cayenne Pepper and Lemon For Weight Loss

Both cayenne pepper and lemon are known for their cleansing effect on the body, as well as digestive aid. When combined, the two ingredients form a powerful tool for stimulating healthy weight loss.

Cayenne pepper immediately improves blood flow, aiding vitamin absorption and waste removal. Lemons are also extremely helpful in aiding digestion and increasing metabolism, both of which are vital to successful weight loss.

The Master Cleanse
The Master Cleanse is a popular and powerful detox cleanse that utilizes lemon juice, dark maple syrup, and cayenne pepper for dramatic health benefits and weight loss. In addition to its benefits for fasting, the drink is also great to take before breakfast.

Getting Started
To begin reaping the benefits of these ingredients and jump-start your metabolism, start each morning with a glass of warm water, lemon juice, and a dash of cayenne pepper. To sweeten, try adding a pinch of Stevia.

Use organic lemons for the best results, as they are richer in vitamins and nutrients. Add cayenne powder to food or drink rather than taking cayenne capsules, as the capsules can be rough on the stomach.

According to OrganicFacts (see ref. 1), "excess consumption [of cayenne pepper] may cause burning sensations in the throat, stomach, or rectum."