The Best Fat Burning Foods for Men

The Best Fat Burning Foods for Men

Fitness is important and beneficial to a man's health. Burning fat can help a man maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. While exercise is essential to burning fat, a healthy and properly balanced diet is important as well. There are many foods that men can eat that actually burn fat.

Milk burns fat by speeding up your metabolism. The Men'sHealth website explains, "The calcium in milk is a metabolic trigger... A University of Tennessee study found that dieters who consumed between 1,200 and 1,300 milligrams of calcium a day lost nearly twice as much weight as dieters getting less calcium." Milk also contains complex carbohydrates, which keep insulin levels low after a meal. This is desirable because "high insulin levels are the signal to your body to hang onto fat," says the NYDailyNews website. Drink a glass of skim milk every day to take advantage of this calorie burning food.

Peppers like jalapeno, habanero and cayenne burn fat by speeding up the heart rate. These types of peppers contain capsaicin, which gives them their spicy flavor and also speeds up metabolism. NYDailyNews says, "One study found that eating just one spicy meal a day boosts metabolism by up to 25 percent." This boost in metabolism can last for up to three hours after eating a spicy meal. If you can take the heat, make meals and snacks that contain these fat-burning peppers.

Coffee burns fat much in the same way that peppers do. The caffeine in coffee speeds up your heart rate and your metabolism. FitFAQ notes another benefit of caffeine saying it "also frees fatty acids stored in the body, making them more readily available for energy-usage." To gain the most benefit from coffee, shy away from fatty blended coffees with whipped cream and tons of sugar. Instead, opt for coffee with skim milk and keep sweetener to a minimum.

Lean Meats
Lean meats include chicken, lean beef, turkey and pork. FitFAQ says, "Pretty much all lean meats help to speed up the metabolism and burn more fat simply because they require so much energy for complete digestion." This mean that when you eat lean meats your body has to work hard and use energy to digest them properly, thus burning fat in the process.