How to Lose Weight With Cayenne Pepper

How to Lose Weight With Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is actually the best natural herb for weight loss. Many people would argue that Green tea is, however cayenne pepper aids in speeding up your metabolism much faster. When you take cayenne on a regular daily basis you can increase your metabolism some say as much as 25%. Many people have no clue that the benefits of cayenne pepper can actually aid in weight loss. Now, don't get me wrong - Yes, you will still have to maintain a healthy diet and exercise, but cayenne pepper will help - a lot.

HOW IT WORKS: The main active ingredient in cayenne pepper is capsaicin. It is said to be a "thermogenic chemical" which will help speed your metabolism and decrease your appetite. It's actually a wonderful herb. It not only can promote weight loss, but it does many other wonderful things such as: increase blood flow, maintains healthy blood pressure, increase your sex drive, may help reduce ulcers and promotes a healthy digestive system. Sounds good to me. Keep reading!

CONSUMPTION: Well, there are two main methods in consuming cayenne pepper. 1. You can buy capsules filled with the herb at your local grocery store, GNC or Wal-Mart for around 10 bucks. 2. Buy the actual spice and drink it.

HOW MUCH? Well, it really depends. It's a very spicy and hot herb. Taking the capsules is much easier, while drinking it is not for the faint of heart. CAPSULES: You should consume 1-3 pills a day. LIQUID: You should add about a teaspoon per glass. Start with one glass per day until you get used to it.

WEIGHT LOSS: Cayenne pepper alone will not make you see the results of weight loss on it's own. You must maintain a HEALTHY diet, exercise on regular basis (3-5 days per week) and you must consume water and less calories. Within a month, you will most certain see results of a healthier you.