How to Lose Weight While You Sleep

How to Lose Weight While You Sleep

Did you know that you can actually lose weight while you sleep? And I'm not talking about buying something that "promises to lose weight while you sleep". You can do it naturally. Read on to learn more about how to lose weight while you sleep!

Things You'll Need
Something to sleep on!

One way to be sure you can lose weight while you sleep is to get at LEAST 8 hours of sleep every night. Multiple studies have shown that the people who get the fewest number of hours of sleep per night weigh more. Your body needs sleep so that it can rebuild itself, including lean muscle mass which allows you to burn more fat - even while sleeping.

Having a weight training schedule each week will help to build more muscle mass which will help to increase your resting metabolic rate. Increasing your resting metabolic rate will also help you to burn even more fat while you're sleeping, which will help you lose weight.

Exercise just prior to bedtime. Even if you exercise during the day can also help you sleep better during the night. Intercourse is a great way to exercise prior to falling asleep for the night. It's a great stress reliever too. Burn more fat AND become stree-free? That's awesome if you ask me!

Another easy thing you can do for yourself in order to lose weight while you sleep, is to sleep with less blankets on (or use a sheet instead) and lower the temperature on the thermostat in your home. That way, your body will need to use more energy to keep warm, which will also help to burn more calories!