How to Lose Weight Following the Milk Diet

How to Lose Weight Following the Milk Diet

While there are many fad diets promising weight loss out there, few are as old as the milk diet. Some see "the milk diet" as simply drinking some extra milk to supplement a normal weight loss plan. In reality, there is a pretty radical milk diet, one that can help dieters lose weight, but is also definitely a fad diet and should be looked at cautiously.

Things You'll Need
  • Milk
  • Time to rest
First of all, decide if you are going to do a "traditional" milk diet, or if you are going to use a milk diet to supplement a healthy eating plan. Unfortunately both of these "plans" fall under the same term of milk diet even though they are radically different diets. I strongly recommend using the supplemental milk diet.

The original milk diet takes 1-3 weeks and replaces all solid food with fresh whole milk. There is meant to be relatively little physical activity during this time, as you won't have the solid food to act as fuel for your system. So if you follow this diet (not recommended) then you need to only drink milk, and minimize physical activity.

To follow the supplemental milk diet, replace all snacks with one glass of skim milk. This at least guarantees that the calories you ingest will be ones your body can use and process.

Drink one glass of skim milk with each meal. If you need more to drink, switch to water - no other calorie drinks.

In theory the extra calcium from a milk diet can help you lose weight. Use the supplemental milk diet to lose the needed weight and then to maintain.