How to Go on a Watermelon Diet

How to Go on a Watermelon Diet

It seems like everyone worries about their weight in the summer, and no wonder--those teeny, tiny bikinis do not leave much to the imagination, and if you are not careful, halfway through swimsuit season you may find yourself the victim of one too many backyard barbecues and hanging up that beautiful creation that you worked out all spring to be able to fit into. Fortunately, one of summer's finest treats also holds the secret to keeping your tummy firm and your waist trim. Watermelon is at its sweetest in the summer, and there are few things more refreshing than an icy slice of the sweet fruit in the shade. Even better, if you cave in and grab a second--or even a third--piece it will not really matter, because watermelon is a great way to control, maintain and even continue to lose weight over the busy summer months all while enjoying the tastes of summer to the fullest. Read on to learn how to go on a watermelon diet.

Things You'll Need
  • Seedless watermelon
  • Airtight plastic container
  • Knife
  • Daily vitamin recommended by your doctor
Keep a container of watermelon chunks in the refrigerator. Generally, you can replace most snacks with watermelon without experiencing any serious cravings, but it is inadvisable--although tempting--to actually replace meals entirely with this delicious fruit. Instead, keep it prepared and on hand for when you come inside from the heat and are looking for a quick, refreshing bite.

Replace juice drinks with watermelon and water. Instead of drinking a big glass of sugary lemonade or fructose full fruit punch, have a few bites of icy watermelon and a glass of water. The fruit will ease your desire for a flavored beverage while the water keeps you hydrated.

Have a slice of watermelon before dessert. Summer desserts like homemade ice cream, fresh fruit pies and cobblers a la mode are very tempting, but you will find their allure much diminished after consuming a sweet slice of watermelon.

Cut your portions in half. Watermelon is, literally, nearly 90 percent water, so if you replace about half of your regular portions with this delightful fruit you will still feel full and be able to enjoy backyard picnic food, but you will not be as inclined to overindulge.

Take a daily multivitamin recommended by your doctor or dietitian. Replacing foods that you usually eat with a fruit that is very high in water can affect your balanced diet. Work with your doctor to be sure that your watermelon weight control does not hurt your body instead of help it.