How to Get Rid of Red Irritated Skin

How to Get Rid of Red Irritated Skin

Many people suffer from red, irritated and flaky skin that can be a result of both genetic and environmental factors. Some people find that they have naturally sensitive skin which becomes inflammed or irritated following the use of certain skincare products such as an exfoliating scrub, while others suffer from genetic conditions such as eczema or rosacea that cause them to have chronic irritation and redness. Luckily, there are plenty of over-the-counter medications and treatments available to relieve and soothe irritation, but regular visits to a dermatologist are often the most successful method of getting rid of the problem.

Things You'll Need
  • Appointment with a dermatologist
  • Dr. Hauschka's Lavender Bath
  • Aveeno Ultra-Calming Cream
  • Eucerin Anti-Redness Products
  • Avene Redness Relief Soothing Cream
  • Green tea
  • Washcloth
Make an appointment with a dermatologist for an expert opinion and treatment. A dermatologist will be able to get down to the root cause of your red, irritated skin and offer prescription medication that may be able to solve the problem.

Use skincare and beauty products specifically formulated for sensitive skin. If your skin is prone to irritation, using harsh makeup and skincare products will only exacerbate the problem. When buying beauty products such as foundation, powder or moisturizer, be sure that the label states that the product is safe to use on sensitive skin.

Try Dr. Hauschka's Lavender Bath. Lavender is a natural anti-inflammatory that can relieve red, irritated skin. Run a hot bath and pour a few drops of the Lavender Bath into the running water. Immerse yourself in the bath for at least a half hour to fully take advantage of the lavender's soothing effects.

Try Aveeno's Ultra-Calming Cream, Eucerin's Anti-Redness products and Avene's Redness Relief Soothing Cream. These are over-the-counter treatments specifically meant to calm and soothe red, irritated skin with regular use.

Try a home remedy made with green tea. Green tea is a natural anti-inflammatory that calms redness and soothes irritated skin. Steep a bag of green tea in a cup of boiling water for about 5 minutes. Pour the green tea over a wash cloth and wring out excess back into the cup. Place the cloth over your face for another 5 minutes. Repeat the process about 3 times.

Use organic makeup and skincare products. Organic makeup and skincare products do not contain any of the harsh chemicals, colors and preservatives that are detrimental to sensitive skin. Using organic products will help to prevent skin from becoming even more irritated.