How to Burn Fat With Ginger

How to Burn Fat With Ginger

A proper diet complements a solid exercise regimen for effective weight loss. Certain foods have particular fat-burning capabilities that you should incorporate into your diet. Ginger aids in the metabolic process and carries tangential health benefits such as improving circulation. You can take ginger in many ways, although the University of Maryland Medical Center recommends limiting the daily dose to 4 grams per day.

Consume ginger tea. Ginger tea is available in health food stores or you can make your own by steeping two tablespoons of freshly shredded ginger in hot water. You can serve ginger tea hot or prepare it and chill it for a refreshing, fat-burning beverage.

Take ginger root supplements. In addition to its natural root form, ginger is also processed and sold commercially in concentrated tablets (like vitamin supplements). The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests 75 to 2,000 milligrams as a daily dose, standardized to contain 4% volatile oils or 5% total pungent compounds.

Sprinkle dried ginger on foods for extra flavor. Ginger is slightly spicy, which gives it an additional culinary kick. Experiment with food and drinks that ginger complements well such as fresh orange juice.

Chop up fresh ginger root and eat it in its natural state. Ginger has a pungent taste and smell that may be too strong for some people, but for those who can learn to appreciate the taste, fresh ginger root (also called rhizome) is another means of utilizing its fat-burning properties.