Does Lemon Juice Burn Fat?

Does Lemon Juice Burn Fat?

May people are concerned about how to maximize health through diet, exercise and weight loss. Does lemon juice burn fat? No, not by itself, but it does work well with the body to reduce its fat stores.

According to Dr. Karl S. Kruszelnicki of ABC Science, the concentration of citric acid in lemon is not enough to burn fat by itself. However, lemons increase metabolism, generating an internal heat to burn fat.

Drinking Lemon Water
Mary Meyer, nutritionist, states on the website RealSelf that drinking lemon water is a natural way to lose weight.

According to RealSelf, lemons help to detoxify the body, cleansing the body of its stores of toxins from food and the environment that may lend to weight gain and water retention.

Lemons reduce cholesterol and stimulate the cleansing function of the liver and pancreas, according to the website Worldwide Gourmet.

Citric Acid on Fat
Lemons have high levels of citric acid, and according to Totally, citric acid is an important component of the Citric Acid Cycle (Kreb's Cycle), during which citric acid is involved in the breakdown of fats–as well as carbohydrates and proteins–into carbon dioxide and water.

Though high in citric acid, lemons have alkalizing effects on the body. According to the website Ageless, lemons improve the body's circulation and have anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. For weight loss, lemons may reduce swelling and help the body get rid of excess water retention.