The Apple Water Diet

The Apple Water Diet

There are many versions of the apple water diet floating around the Internet, some more feasible and flexible than others. However, regardless of what version of this diet you choose to try, the common thread is always lots of water and lots of apples—two very healthy things.

The Apple and Water Cleanse
The apple and water cleanse is the most extreme version of this diet. Like other cleanse diets, it severely limits what you can eat and drink. Its goal is to help your body get rid of toxins. In this case, all that’s allowed is apples and water. You can eat as any apples as you want whenever you feel hungry and drink at least eight cups of water daily. Fortunately, this diet only calls for adherence for two to three days, depending on which version you follow. Advocates of this diet say it will result in some weight loss and help clear up acne. Some like it so much they suggest doing the apple and water cleanse once a month.

The 3-Apple-a-Day Diet
This diet hinges on the concept that if you eat one apple before each of your three daily meals, you will feel less hungry at meal-time and eat less. If you aren’t ready to give up pasta, bread and everything else that diets typically suggest eliminating, this diet may be worth trying, since it adds something to your diet instead of taking away. The other thing about this diet that makes it easy to stick to is that you don’t have to plan your meals carefully. You eat whatever you normally eat, plus an apple beforehand.

Tammi Flynn, an American dietician, is credited with coming up with this diet. Her book, “The 2-Apple-a-Day Plan,” explains the diet in detail. She provides other guidelines, such as drinking plenty of water and cutting out alcohol, that help to maximize her strategy’s effectiveness.

Why Apples?
It’s common knowledge that drinking plenty of water throughout the day promotes weight loss. But why apples? This fruit has a high water content and a lot of fiber. This makes apples a filling yet low-calorie food. A medium-sized apple contains just 95 calories, yet is packed with 4.4 grams of dietary fiber, 0.47 grams of proteins, and loads of vitamins and minerals. So not only will eating an apple fill you up more than eating, say, a candy bar, but it will also keep you full longer and it’s really good for you.

Regardless of which version you decide to try, or even if you choose to make up your own version of the apple water diet, remember to first consult your doctor.