Side Effects for Abs Exercises

Side Effects for Abs Exercises

When you perform abdominal exercises for a toned tummy, that is probably your main thought. However ab exercises have many side benefits that most people don't realize. You are not only working and toning your abs, but strengthening your back, improving your flexibility and even improving the condition of your hips.

Back Effects
Performing crunches, sit ups and bicycles help strengthen not only your abdominal muscles, but works out the back muscles as well, helping to strengthen your back and stretch those muscles preventing strain.

Flexibility Effects
By working your abdominal muscles you are also stretching several of the main torso muscles which will provide you with better flexibility and core muscle control.

Hip Effects
By doing leg lifts and bicycles you are not only strengthening your abs, but also helping keep your hips flexible and improving mobility in the hip joints.

Respiratory Effects
When performing abdominal exercises one of the keys to doing them properly is breathing techniques. This improves your lung capacity, and improves your respiratory system.

Circulation Effects
Working your abs, while not necessarily considered an aerobic exercise, still gets your heart rate up and your blood moving. This means that while you are working your abs you are benefiting your entire body.