How to Treat and Cure Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

How to Treat and Cure Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

If you or a loved one has adrenal fatigue syndrome, it's important to know that the condition is curable. It's relatively easy to bounce back from the exhaustion and other symptoms, if you know what you should and should not do.


1. Do get lots of rest. One of the things that causes adrenal fatigue syndrome is working too hard, and keeping very late hours. These things have put stress on your body, and it's time to reverse that. Because if the body's internal clock, and the times at which cortisol is usually released, it's important that you get to bed as close to 10pm as you can. Staying up beyond 10 o'clock will cause your body to try to ride out a "second wind," which will put your body under further stress. Wake up as late as possible. 9am is what is usually recommended, but unless you work at home, that's nearly impossible. Sleep in a room that is cool and completely dark, to allow your body to create melatonin which will allow a deeper, more restful sleep.

2. Eat a healthy diet. Fried foods, hydrogenated fats, "white" carbs, and unrefined sugars cause people with adrenal fatigue syndrome to experience stress when their blood sugar levels crash about an hour after eating these toxic foods. Eating plenty of lean protein, raw organic vegetables, and nuts will help the body start running more efficiently. Avoid caffeine completely.

3. Do things that make you happy and relaxed. This is different for everyone. For some it may be arts and crafts, and for others it might be gardening or fishing. Whatever brings you relaxing pleasure is what you should do on a regular basis, to relieve stress in your life.

4. Do not skip meals. Eat breakfast within an hour after waking. Have several small meals throughout the day, so that your blood sugar levels never plummet. This is not an excuse to overeat. Your meals should be small (half a sandwich and some fresh vegetables).

5. Rest throughout the day. If you work out of a home office, or your office has a sofa, take several breaks throughout the day. Lay down and rest your eyes and body.

6. Undertake a program of mild, relaxing exercise. While vigorous exercise such as weight-lifting or running is too taxing for a body with adrenal fatigue syndrome, gentle exercise like walking or restorative yoga poses is extremely beneficial to releasing stress and encouraging relaxation.

7. Drink calming herbal teas. Avoid teas with caffeine.

8. Laugh often. Laughter releases "feel good" hormones that help relieve stress and help heal the body. Join a mail order movie rental place so that you can have a constant stream of comedy movies arriving at your home, without having to fight traffic to rent them.

9. Go to to have a better understanding of the condition.