How to Take a Mental Health Day

How to Take a Mental Health Day

Every one gets tired of their job now and then. Sometimes it is important to take a day off just to keep yourself fresh. When this happens, you may consider taking a mental health day. This could qualify as a sick day, a personal day, or even a vacation day. The following will help you take a mental health day.

1. Schedule a day off. This doesn't usually work because you don't know that you are going to feel burnt out on a particular day. However, if you have to schedule the day it is better than not having any time at all.

2. Call the office and say you won't be in. You can say you are sick or something came up and you need a personal day or you can take a vacation day. All these things are legitimate because you are sick--mentally. Scheduling this on a Friday or Monday will at least give you a long weekend.

3. Sleep late and go into the office in the afternoon. Sometimes just a morning will give you the break you are craving.

4. Leave the office early and go shopping or do something that is relaxing to you. A mental health day does not have to be a full day.

5. Treat yourself and do something you really like to do on this day or extra time off. You shouldn't run errands or go to the doctor or anything else that you would do on a normal day off. This is a day for you--enjoy it.