How to Lose Weight by Eating Raw Tomatoes and Cucumbers

How to Lose Weight by Eating Raw Tomatoes and Cucumbers

Raw foodists believe that raw foods contain more enzymes than cooked food, assisting in the body’s natural metabolism. Both cucumbers and tomatoes are low-calorie foods that are tasty and refreshing when eaten raw. According to Nutra Legacy, tomatoes are natural metabolism boosters, which can benefit you greatly when trying to lose weight. Because of its high water content, cucumber juice is diuretic, encouraging your body to get rid of toxins and stimulating its natural processes. As part of a balanced diet, raw cucumbers and tomatoes can stimulate weight loss.

Drink fresh tomato juice before breakfast or as a snack during the day. Juice four fresh tomatoes. Add a little salt, lemon juice or other spices such as coriander or cinnamon to taste. It will boost your metabolism, give you energy and reduce hunger to help you lose weight.

Pack raw tomatoes and cucumber pieces in your lunchbox. Keep the lunchbox in a cool place or refrigerate, if possible. Eat a piece of lightly salted tomato or cucumber as a snack in between meals.

Make a tomato and cucumber salad. Dice the tomatoes and cucumber, add some feta cheese and a low-fat salad dressing. Eat a whole plate of this salad before meals. It will reduce your hunger and help you avoid overeating on high-calorie food.

Create a healthy sandwich by adding some lettuce and a few slices of tomato and cucumber to a slice of whole-wheat bread.

Create a cucumber smoothie by blending one cucumber with a handful of watercress, along with some water. Have this smoothie as a snack between meals to help you lose weight.