High Protein Diet Menu

High Protein Diet Menu

If you're starting a high protein diet, you're probably nervous about how you'll fill up your daily menu. After all, don't most people eat cereal and milk for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and pasta for dinner? The truth is, there are plenty of high protein alternatives that you can rely on to fill you up and keep your satisfied.

For breakfast, try some eggs cooked in various ways–scrambled, poached or as an omelette. Throw some meats, cheeses,or a small amount of vegetables in to your eggs. You can also add some toppings to yogurt, such as nuts, soy nuts or fresh fruit. If you're really on the go, purchase some protein bars that fit to your diet.

Lunch on a high-protein diet can be tough. Avoid sandwiches when possible, but use whole grain bread when necessary. Instead, try a salad topped with feta cheese, deli or chicken strips. One lunch that's surprisingly filling is hearty soup. A soup with meat, beans, vegetables and spices can really fill you up, which makes it the perfect winter dinner. You can make a huge batch of soup and freeze it in small containers so that it will last for weeks.

High protein foods and dinner seem to go together. Try different types of poultry, meat and fish, and make them the main part of the meal. On the side, serve a salad and a second vegetable. Occasionally, you can include whole grains, such as brown rice, whole grain pita or a whole wheat tortilla in your diet menu.

Snacks and Desserts
Most snacks that people eat are carbohydrates rather than proteins, but who says you can't snack on chicken or last night's leftovers? If you're looking for snacks to take along with you somewhere, try a bag of nuts or sunflower seeds, some beef jerky or a handful of edamame. Hummus makes a perfect high-protein dip, so pair it with some vegetables. And don't forget to include a fruit or two in your daily diet, even if you're aiming for a lot of protein.

To conquer your sweet tooth, add a small amount of sweetener to ricotta cheese, along with a bit of vanilla extract. The result will taste similar to cheesecake, but will be much healthier. You can also make yourself a milkshake by blending together milk and berries with some ice cubes.