Benefits of Star Fruit for Hair Growth

Benefits of Star Fruit for Hair Growth

The subtropical carambola is also known as star fruit due to its pentagonal shape. When cut across or viewed on end, the star fruit is shaped like a five-pointed star. Tasting both sweet and sour, star fruit is popular in a wide variety of cuisines but is also eaten alone. Rich in vitamins and amino acids, carambola is good for the hair and skin, but most people would not eat the fruit in large enough numbers for it to have any immediate major effect on overall health.

Vitamin C
Star fruit is rich in vitamin C which, in addition to preventing colds, can help keep skin healthy by aiding in the formation of collagen. Having too little vitamin C will not cause hair to fall out, but it does lead to problems absorbing iron which, in turn, can cause hair loss.

As a result, eating star fruit can help keep skin healthier and allow other nutrients that are good for body and hair to circulate in the body more freely.

Vitamin B Complex
Carambola or star fruit also contains thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin in small amounts. These vitamins all help keep the metabolism steady and strong. Hair needs these vitamins to continue the processes involved in follicle growth.

Overall Health
In addition to vitamins A and B, star fruit is high in fiber and iron. Like many watery fruits, it has a low calorie content as well. While eating a star fruit will not give the body as much vitamin C as taking a pill, which usually has 500 mg, eating fruits rich in natural vitamins is important in keeping body and hair healthy.

In many countries, star fruit is used as a home remedy for things like hangovers, sunstroke, and even helping to care for eczema. Star fruit may not turn hair into a long, luxurious mane overnight, but it can contribute to good health over time.