How to Overcome Tiredness and Loss of Energy

How to Overcome Tiredness and Loss of Energy

Chronic tiredness and loss of energy can impact your ability to function properly and concentrate. Additionally, inadequate rest can weaken your immune system and make you susceptible to illnesses and infections. Instead of living with constant fatigue, consider ways to overcome tiredness and boost your energy level.


1. Sleep well. Going to bed late and sleeping only a few hours a night can prompt tiredness and loss of energy. Modify your sleep routine and get eight hours of sleep a night.

2. Enjoy regular meals. Skipping meals can also contribute to chronic low energy due to a drop in blood sugar. Eat at least three times a day,or enjoy four to six smaller meals to maintain a healthy blood sugar and energy level.

3. Slow down. Mental stress plays a role in fatigue and low energy. If your job or personal responsibilities cause emotional stress, take charge of your life and eliminate unnecessary worries. Find new employment, decrease activities, and learn how to say "no."

4. Skip caffeine. Instead of relying on caffeine for an energy boost, reduce your consumption or eliminate caffeine and sugar from your diet. Over time, caffeine can lower blood sugar and trigger ongoing fatigue.

5. Take a vitamin supplement. Lack of essential nutrients and vitamins may also bring on a low energy level and tiredness. Take a multivitamin to provide your body with vitamins and nutrients to combat tiredness.

6. Get moving. Exercise stimulates the flow of oxygen through the body, which can increase energy and fight tiredness. Regular exercise also increases endorphins, which can fight depression and improve mental alertness. Workout for 30 minutes three to five times a week.