How to Lose Stomach Weight (6 steps)

How to Lose Stomach Weight (6 steps)

Whether you've recently had a baby, or simply love to eat, you may have a small gut and looking for ways to lose the belly. There are many techniques to help you lose your stomach weight. Some methods produce quick results, and others require consistency.


1. Exercise. A combination of cardio and abdominal workouts will effectively help you lose the belly weight. Ideal cardio workouts include 40-minute sessions three times a week. In addition, you'll need to incorporate abdominal crunches, leg lifts or side twist into your weekly routine.

2. Eat early. It is best to eat early in the evening. This way, your body has ample time to digest food. Eating late or right before bed is a bad idea because your body will burn less fat and result in weight around the stomach.

3. Cleanse your system. Persons who suffer from constipation and other stomach ailments tend to have a larger belly due to abdominal bloating. Add fiber and water into your diet. This will help regulate bowels, which may decrease bloating and stomach weight. Colonic irrigation and laxatives can effectively cleanse your system and flatten your stomach.

4. Eliminate stress. Stress and worry can result in a larger mid-section. During stressful situations, we tend to eat more and exercise less. Identify stress triggers and research ways to cope.

5. Eat better and less. One of the easiest ways to lose your stomach weight is to reduce your food intake. Without exercise and abdominal workouts, you can trim your belly fat by simply eating smaller meals and eliminating junk food from your diet. Plus, identify foods that cause bloating and limit your intake.

6. See a doctor. Sudden weight gain can be the result of a medical condition. For example, some people who suffer from fibroid tumors, ovarian cancer and liver problems notice rapid weight gain in the mid-section. In most cases, weight gain is accompanied with pain.