How to Lose 12 Pounds in 4 Days

How to Lose 12 Pounds in 4 Days

Every now and then it is necessary to lose a great deal of weight quickly. Whether you are preparing last minute for an event or you are simply looking for a way to shed a few pounds quickly, a few diet changes will help you lose 12 pounds in 4 days.

Things You'll Need
  • Water
  • Protein
  • Vitamins
  • Fiber

Remove all liquids from your diet except water. Flavored water can be used as a substitute for plain water as long as it has no calories. Drink at least 8 full glasses of water each day, if not more. Drinking large amounts of water daily will hydrate you while flushing out your system to remove excess water weight (usually 7 pounds).

Increase your daily fiber intake by taking fiber supplements. Psyllium seed husk is a supplement that is a great source of fiber; it comes in either pill or powder form. Both forms are inexpensive. It should be taken three times each day. Psyllium seed husk will help stimulate your bowels for cleansing and it will also make you feel full (when taken with water), which makes cutting calories easier.

Stick to a high protein, low calorie diet. Try to eat only low fat, low calorie proteins such as cheese, eggs, fish, poultry, and beans. Eating protein will help you feel full longer and will help you achieve fast weight loss. When consuming protein try to restrict yourself to no more than 1200 calories per day while taking a multivitamin for best results.