How to get a six pack through the Ab Ripper X workout (P90X)

How to get a six pack through the Ab Ripper X workout (P90X)

Abs. Abs. Everyone is obsessed with getting a six pack nowadays. Although there is no quick method to getting to your goal, p90x is a way to get there. The Ab Ripper X portion of the p90x workouts sculpts the abs through a strenuous workout. And the results do show! Now it's time for me to explain how it's done.

Things You'll Need
  • Exercise Mat
  • Towel
  • Lots of Water
  • Some rest time in between
  • An exercise buddy (optional)

1. First Exercise of the routine: In & Outs (25 repetitions)
In & Outs is a Core Workout. This means the exercise strengthens more than just your abs. Your hands are placed near your buttocks to support your weight. Your legs are placed together as you bring your knees to your chest as close as can go. You will feel it in your thighs as well. I felt my muscles tingle on my lower back as well. Moderate speed. Should take you about 25 seconds.

2. Second Exercise: Bicycles (forward motion)
Bicycles involves rotation of your legs like the motion of a bicycle. You will really feel a burn in your thighs from this exercise. Variation of the exercise is raising your arms, which adds balance to the routine. 25 repetitions.

3. Third Exercise: Reverse Bicycles (reverse motion)
Reverse Bicycles is the same motion as in Step 2, however in the opposite motion (rotating backwards). By now if this is your first time doing this workout, your legs will feel like mush. 25 repetitions.

4. Fourth Exercise: Crunchy Frog
Crunchy Frog is a combination exercise where your arms are spanned open like the Butterfly Swimming Stroke to cup your knees which you will be bringing in towards your chest. This is a Core workout as well. Remember to stretch your arms straight as you extend outward from your stroke. 25 repetitions. If you need to take a break, this step would be a good time. It's ok if this is as far as you go the first time. For those who can continue, proceed to step 5.

5. Fifth Exercise: Cross-Leg/Wide Leg Sit-ups.
Sit down Indian-style.
Easier Variation. Extend Legs from position into a Y-Shape. Tense your abs as you raise your arm to the ceiling. Keep your head and neck up towards the ceiling and not towards your legs. This protects you from straining your neck. When you are up, extend your fingertips to your toes (or the floor). Return back to your original position. That is one repetition. 25 Repetitions. This will take a while, so now is a good time to take a few water breaks in between.

6. Sixth Exercise: Fifer Scissors.
Extend one leg as straight as possible slightly above the floor, and the other leg straight up to point to the ceiling. With each second bring legs down so that each one will take the position of the other leg. So there will always be one leg that is straight to the ceiling, one leg straight, parallel to the floor. Do this exercise according to Tony Horton's cue (youtube link at the bottom to the exercise). It is roughly 25 repetitions.

7. Seventh Exercise: Hip Rock and Raise.
Have your feet together by the bottoms of your feet like clamping your palms together. Raise legs up, knees to chest. The key is where you point both your feet to the ceiling to get that extra umph to your abs.

8. Eighth Exercise: Pulse UPS
Both Legs are Straight to the Ceiling. Raise as if you're trying to land your heels on the ceiling. Try not to rock too much. You may want to cushion your lower back with a pillow because the return to the floor after each rep can be hard (personal experience)

9. Ninth Exercise: V-Up/Roll-Up
Lie straight on the floor. Raise your torso up to do a toe touch, and as you slowly lower yourself down bring your lower legs up slowly, keeping them straight. When the torso has returned to original position, with feet in air, bring your arms up in a more difficult toe touch (because toes are in air, not on the floor). Return to prone position. That is one repetition. (Look at the video for more guidance).

10. Tenth/Eleventh Exercises: Oblique V-Ups
Lie on one side, hand behind head. Weight should be placed on your hip and butt. The other hand in front of your body for balance. Bring up your body in a way where your elbow of the hand behind your head reaches your knee as its being raised. That is one repetition. 25 repetitions of those. Repeat on the other side (to keep your abs looking evenly worked out).

11. Twelfth Exercise: Leg Climbs
Raise your legs up like you did in Hip Rock n Raise. Bring one leg down so the heel is as close to your butt as possible. Do Hand grabs up your leg to your toe, tap foot, and come back down. By this time your muscles should be at their limit. (Honestly I skip this step plenty of times because I don't feel too much from it/too tired.)

12. Last Step: Mason Twist (my favorite)
Clasp hands into a fist in the middle of your body. Bring your legs up above the ground. Begin with the clasped fist reaching one side of the floor, tap it, and bring fist over to other side of body and tap the floor, return to your original position. That is one repetition. Do 30 repetitions. To follow Tony you will have to do a bonus 10 reps (If you still have it in you). Done!

14. Do this workout every other day, or as often as possible if you're too busy. You will feel soreness in days, feel stronger in about a week, see results in a few weeks. If you truly put in the work, you will not regret it! Enjoy.