How to Get Good Brain Food Into Your Diet

How to Get Good Brain Food Into Your Diet

It's critical to get good sources of brain food into your diet. The brain relies on specific fats for survival, especially since majority of the brain is made up of fats. The foods you eat can improve memory, along with increasing oxygen to the brain supporting a healthy brain function. What we eat can bad or good health wise. Similar to foods that effect our heart, weight, and other organs in the body. A good source of brain food can help eliminate brain tumors, dementia and Alzheimer's as well.


1. Eat foods that contain a high level of omega-3 fatty acids. A crucial fat found in omega-3 is DHA(docosahexaenoic acid), which is vital to brain function. It can help reduce depression and increases memory. The highest source of omega-3 to find in foods, is fish. Specifically salmon which is quite rich in this fat. Walnuts contain a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Other foods high in them are strawberries, green leaf vegetables, squash, shrimp, soybeans, halibut, cloves, flaxseeds, cauliflower, cabbage, romaine lettuce, beans, scallops and raspberries. A lot of foods are now containing omega-3 in them. Like eggs, pasta's, and drinks.

2. Eat foods high in amino acids. A lot of nuerotransmitters which are brain messengers, are made from amino acids. Amino acids play a big rule in your brains function. Foods that are a good source of amino acids are soybeans, peanuts, nuts, almonds, pork, beef, lentis, eggs, brown rice, wheat, corn and beans.

3. Eat foods rich in iron. Iron increases oxygen to your brain cells. Lack of iron can lead to lack of concentration. Foods high in iron are beef, pork, lamb, asparagus, cabbage, green leaf vegetables, fish, beans, nuts, dried fruits, egg yolk, oysters, clams, oatmeal, rice, and grits. Food with bran flakes and sea vegetables are excellent sources of iron.

4. Eat foods that contain high amounts of Vitamins. Vitamin's specifically C and E are great for your brain. Getting a rich amount of antioxidants help brain function and improves your memory. Eat a lot of garlic, berries(any kind), prunes, raisins, mangos, carrots, cantaloupe and peppers. Avocados are great source of Vitamin E, that increase brain production. Foods that contain folic acid and magnesium are great sources for your brain as well.

5. Use gingko herb to increase brain production. Although I don't believe gingko is found in any actual food sources, but I could be wrong. You can find it as an herbal supplement, and use to improve blood flow to the brain. Gingko helps recover memory in the brain and is a significant source to improve brain function.