How to Do The Belly Fat Cure Diet

How to Do The Belly Fat Cure Diet

The belly fat cure diet has taken storm from Oprah to the internet, the belly fat cure diet is defininately showing tons of promise. Basically the diet relies on losing belly fat as way to cut down on sugars and starches, as well as filling the body up with "good carbs" to help eliminate the body of trapped waste-the other contributor of belly fat.

But its important to note that the belly fat cure diet isn't JUST about losing belly fat for cosemetic reasons so that you can look good in your jeans. Of course thats a great benefit. But there are some dangerous propositions with having a larger middle. For women belly fat can cause the over production of estrogen and extra fat stored in the breasts. There are also links to belly fat and the liver. And even with the reproduction organs and the cause of cancer-in the breasts as well.

With men, an increase in belly fat also causes a lower libido. An increase in estrogen and man boobs. And of course a higher incidence of a fatty liver and diabetes.


1. Leave the sugars alone. This may sound like a no brainer, but generally the body stores sugar as fat. And sugar is first stored as fat and at a higher rate around the mid section. So stay away from processed sugars to successfully do the belly fat cure diet.

2. Do the carb swap. The biggest part of the belly fat diet is swapping good carbs for bad carbs. Of course, bad carbs are the white flours and pastas. The belly fat cure diet relies on the substitution. In fact the good carbs actually help release toxins and extra waste that the bad carbs have caused.

3. Sweeten the things you must have like coffee or tea with Truvia, Stevia or Xylosweet. The no sugar thing is heavily throughout the belly fat cure diet.

4. Eat protein in the morning like scrambled eggs or an omlet. If you are a vegan, try a scrambled tofu. Your morning should be started with protein. Remeber no sugar.

5. Bread isn't completely out in the belly fat cure diet, so for lunch you can have things with wheat. A chicken sandwich is fine. Remember no condiments with sugar. pickles on the sandwich is fine. And softdrinks like Zevia have NO sugars and are healthy for you-made with Stevia from South America.